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Hi folks can I ask a favour? Liked the idea of following plan in 2013 mag, but am having trouble working out times. If I run at 9 minute marathon pace my calculations for easy run mean I am walking and my long runs are done at a faster pace than threshold pace! Can someone please tell me what my minutes per mile should be for ER, SR, TR,and LR. Many many thanks if you can sort for me. Good luck to all of you


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    9 min/mile equates to a 3hr 56min marathon.  Using the mcmillan pace calculator you get the following (mins per mile):

      Recovery Jogs 10:00 to 10:46 Long Runs 8:57 to 10:16 Easy Runs 8:55 to 9:53 Steady-State Runs 8:22 to 8:43 Tempo Runs 8:02 to 8:18 Tempo Intervals 7:52 to 8:10  
  • stutyr, thanks very much that makes my life/training a lot easier to complete, good of you to take time to help

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