Is it possible

I have just completed my first half marathon (1:55:52) and have a place for London Marathon 2013...unfortunately surgery means I will be unable to run from 10th Dec 2012 to 21st Jan 2013 which is exactly 3 months to the big day. I'll be training up to 10th Dec increasing distance as I go...will the 3 months be enough...I want a sub 4:30 time.


  • .... it depends......


    I trained up for my first in about 10 weeks - it wasn't fun - I had been running for about 2 years and had done 3 half marathons.  In retrospect I needed longer but I survived and entered another within days of finishing.


    My husband had knee surgery last Jan - took the requisite time off (6 weeks or so) and then started training again - but it took him 6 months to be back to half marathon state - so I guess it depends what you are having done - what you 'can' do when recouperating and the state of your running fitness now.  I have been ill most of this year - barely running at all yet ran a half marathon on 3 weeks training in a time that was my pb about 4 years ago. However I have 7 years of running and 10 marathons in my legs.  ( I was still surprised I managed it I must admit).

  • Sounds like it might be a suck it and see. I suppose I can always defer my entry in March until 2014 if the training is not going well. I've only been running a year and so far only a 10k and 1/2 marathon under my belt. Although might try another half between now and december.

  • If you can build up your general fitness as much as possible in advance of surgery it should help.

    Is there anything you can do after the surgery like running in water, that might be able to help keep your fitness levels up?


  • Andrew 3 months is enough time for the training but probably won't garenty a 4.30 finesh time. Is there anything you can do after the op before you start training? Thinking you could keep your fitness ticking over with swimming or something before you can run again depending on doctor's advice?

  • You can defer London up until the day before.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I think you've got the right idea - aim to do it, but be realistic with yourself and if your not in good shape by the end of March, defer until next year.

    I'll (hopefully) be running VLM2013 after deferring my 2012 entry.  I did my best to try and prepare for it, but in Feb realised I wasn't going to do it (and then found out in March that I needed knee surgery to fix the issue).  I felt a great sense of relief when I did defer, so don't be afraid to do it. Although it feels difficult to give up the opportunity, it means you can have a proper build-up to do your best the following year.

  • Some really great advice, I'll try and keep my fitness up, I've entered a couple of 1/2 marathons in early March and if it comes to it I'll defer my entry. Thanks for the help.

  • Andrew don't forget the taper .... I managed to train up for my first Marathon this year (also London) off a tight 13 week plan and thought I knew what I was doing until I got to week 8 and realised that I really only had 11 weeks as I needed to ease off for those final 2 and you can't really bend the rules on that week 8 to week 11 was pretty intense ! ......I got some good advice on how to tackle my first sign up for a second before you run your first as that also takes the pressure off ..... so the advice was "enjoy" your first and then you can look forward to a PB on the second ........ what ever you do good luck and review the notes on here as the tips and help is great for us newbies .......     

  • I got a place at a marathon last year (my second) 6 weeks in advance. I had done a couple of half marathons earlier in the year but no running longer than that. I was able to get round the marathon in 3:39- actually I knocked 7 minutes off my PB.   I also recovered more quickly than my first one, so it should be possible.   The learning for me though is that clearly I had a lot more strength in my legs second time round.  Try and get some long/hilly runs in to build up some strength prior to your operation would be my advice..

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