Bose SIE2 sport earphones

you may be interested to know that bose have finally released a sport version of their earphones, one for phones (SIE2i) and one for ipods (SIE2).

Included items

  • In-ear sport headphones
  • 3 pairs of StayHear® tips (small, medium, large)
  • Exclusive Reebok® fitness armband
  • Extension cable (53.3 cm)


they're expensive at just over £100, but have everything you need in the box and the bose brand. they are available from


  • Anyone tried them !!?
  • yes i'd like to know ...i really like a good quality sound but need something that will

    stay in place whilst sennheiser are practical but they dont cut the mustard for sound quality.i am actually thinking about getting custom fitted moulds to ensure correct fit so that i can actually buy the best sounding headphones ( sure in ear are probably one of the best ) . Does anyone know if custom fitting ensures that they stay in place ???

  • Their pop-up ads on this site a couple of weeks ago irritated me so much that I am totally put off Bose products!

    When I put a complaint about it on the Bose website, I couldn't do so without giving my address - so that put me off even more.

    Won't be buying their stuff.

  • I've got a pair.

    They're great for outside runs - they stay in place better than any other headphones I've used and they sound a lot better than the Sennheiser/Adidas but they also allow a lot of outside sound through so you can hear cars etc.

    only downside for me is that if you're in a noisy gym, they let just a bit too much ambient noise through so you can still hear whatever's playing on their PA.
  • i have a pair and think they are awesome, they stay in place, are very comfy and have great sound quality. Best sports headphones yet for me.

  • Had a pair for 12 months ran over a 1000 miles in them in all weathers.Never had a problem still like new.Not cheap but you get what you pay for top quality.

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