Fibromyalgia management


I thought I would ask you lovely peeps on Runnersworld.  I have fibromyalgia and for most of the time manage to control through exercise, massage therapy and diet.  Occasionally however, when it flares up (like at the moment) I get so uncomfortable I don't know what to do with myself.

Does anyone have any tips that have helped them?  All will be gratefully received.


  • hello i have fibromyalgia i run 3 times a week i do 8 miles twice a week and i do 11 miles + at weekends. Its the best thing i have ever done. It keeps my illness at bay and if it flares up i still run as the wanting to run is so in me more. I need to run for my fibromyalgia and for my mental well being and running has helped so much. It has been the best medicine ever for both of my illnesses. I tend to get fibro more in my neck and shoulders. I have a great support cushion for my flare ups and a heated pad i put around my shoulders and neck but exercise is the key. It stops me aching too much and i do sometimes have a sleep with my heated pad if i gets too bad. If i don't exercise i get mentally ill and depressed and then my fibro comes back with avengence. I just tend to keep running and after i feel i could rule the world lol, but i still get the pain in my shoulders and neck but i just live with it.
  • Oooh, fibro. people- can I please pick your brains?


    I was diagnosed with this condition a few months ago following now 2.5 years of constant lower back pain. I have been told I have osteoarthritis in my knees and ankle and they do niggle at times but my back feels irritated all the time, worse on movement but never goes away, even pills don't reach it and yoga/stretching makes it worse.

    I had been referred to a Doctor specialising in arthritis as I wondered if like my knees, it was osteoarthritis because I am hypermobile in my spine (more so then in my knees) and there is a link between the two.  The Doctor on my request ran an MRI scan but nothing showed up, even after a second opinion with an actual consultant. I had blood tests done, nothing bad there either and so I was told I had hypermobility syndrome and fibromyalgia.

    I have no pain in other parts of my body, my shoulders, my arms, hands for example are all fine and the rest of my back is fine too, I was always under the impression fibromyalgia would affect everywhere in your body, not just one specific area (for me my lower back/sacreatic joint).


    I havn't swallowed the diagnosis, I'm monitoring the back pain as it is worsening (all be it slowly) and will go back for help the next chance I can which I'd guess would be when its chronic and prevents me from walking at all. I guess I just wanted your opinion on this, does your experience of the pain sound anything like mine? Because I don't think I have the same problem and think the diagnosis has been given because they simply don't know what the problem is and don't want to or can't be bothered to find out.

  • I have it all over my body stretching and exercise does tend to ease it but after exercise you be in pain again but its a release for a few hours. Fibromyalgia is a bit like wearing a heavy armoured suit all the time and everywhere hurts, it feels like you have been to the gym for the first time and it is the morning after but your like that all the time 24-7 and touching the pressure points really hurt all 18 of them. They diagnosed me by my symptoms and pressing my pressure points. I hope this helps.
  • Is there anything more on this forum about fibromyalgia?

    I do not have a diagnosis yet, but have all of the symptoms including most of my muscles (neck, arm, hand, legs, feet) having a constant ache or 'burning' sensation. I have numbness in fingers and toes, some spasms, very poor sleep. BUT exercise helps - during and for about an hour or so afterwards.   

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