introduction and wannabe pirate

Heya. Just thought a quick intro may be a good place to start. Am new to this forum lark but reading through them it sounds awesome.

Done a couple of sprint tri's (slowly) and a couple of marathons several years ago but arrived in that 40th decade and thought i should up the challenge so.... signed up for the ironman 70.3 at wimbleball in june 2013 and just about to sign up for challenge henley 2013 too i think?

Cant really swim, bike is ok and a jogger rather than a runner but hey, got a few months to get into shape...

All you pirates out there are so inspiring... (can i get the pirate tag on my profile?)

May try and join you at the bristol social too...

Bye for now.. off to sign up for henley... insanity strikes!!


  • Hi Irondreamer and welcome to the slippery slope

    PS ... get yourself an avatar image

  • Hi just have to ask the RW team for a pirate tag........there is athread somewhere will look for it

  • Hi irondreamer. 40th decade huh? FB is the man to mentor you then image

  • Hi Irondreamer, welcome to the forum and the pirates (think you have to send a message to RW to get the pirate tag thingy?).

    Great to hear youre doing Outlaw, if youve not already done so get your name on the pirate kit thread, youll need some of that too image

  • Hi Irondreamer welcome to the madness image
  • image Ay up and good luck.

  • Use the "Report thread" button at the bottom of thepage and ask for the pirate tag image
  • Hi Irondreamer ... 40th decade, wow, you're 4,000!  image

    Welcome to the madness, you'll not regret it.  Well, mostly.  I'm a newbie too, losing my IM cherry (hopefully) at IMUK next year.

  • I think you'll find that's only 400 years old Dim. You're thinking of centruries. Still impressive though.

    I'm not requesting a Pirate tag until I've earned one.

  • Lost my calculator...!  No wonder I'm not a QS anymore...


  • NV wrote (see)

    Hi irondreamer. 40th decade huh? FB is the man to mentor you then image

    OK - I laughed!

  • ha ha ha.. ok you got me on that one... but im sure you know what i mean! not sure i want to be around THAT long!

    Just started some reading to get a training plan for Henley.. cant quite believe ive taken the plunge image

  • Don't want to be pedantic (honest image) but surely you meant arrived at your fifth decade, or entered the decade of your 40's (assuming you're 40 and all)

    As you were image

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