what can i take/do to help repair a split cartilage

Hi all, after a nasty fall during a race 3 months ago i finally got my MRI scan results back last week the ligaments appear fine but i have a tiny split on the inside of my knee cartilage the specialist has said to give it another 3 months to try and heal itself.

I can use the cross trainer and cycle without any pain although it still hurts to fully bend the knee or kneel down, after the blow of being told no running for at least another 3 months i forgot to ask what i can do or take to help the cartilage repair, having looking on the net for ideas i have now started to take glucosamine + chrondroitin and have increased my water intake which has always been poor.

Can anyone offer me any advice ???? desperate to get back out there running !!

Mark >:)


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Is it the meniscus that has torn?  My understanding is that  cartillage has no blood supply, so there is not route for the healing process (or your supplements) to reach the affected area.  The most common "cure" for a torn meniscus is for the flap created by the tear to be trimmed away (via an arthroscopy) as its not going to heal in 3 months, 3 years, etc ...

    Some people can live with a torn meniscus but I had the operation as although I could walk OK, I couldn't run or kneel comfortably. 

  • thanks, meniscus was never mentioned i was shown a model of the knee and explained that the two O shape rings were the cartiliage and i had a slight split rather than a tear. When i got the results i just wanted to hear yes you need surgery or no your fine at least i would know where i stand, it annoys me that i now have to wait another 3 months to see if surgery is needed...in the meantime im looking for a miracle cure !! 

    Mark >:)
  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Probably is the meniscus, based of wikipaedia:


    This does say that one third of the meniscus has blood supply, so can heal.  You could look at knee strengthening exercises (i.e the muscles around the knee to reduce the amount of shock going through the meniscus) but I think you'd need to discuss this with the specialist or a physi to make sure your not doing more harm than good.



  • thanks again, i have spoken to my physio who has given me exercices to strengthen the quads. Had a conversation with paula radcliffe on twitter she has the same injury and recommended glucosamine+chrondroitin with msm and REST something i find very hard to do...

    Mark >:)
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