Odd sized feet

Hello all,

I have about 3/4 of a size difference in my feet, and its giving me problems.

My left is a 12, right an 11-11.5, so I of course buy 12s.  Problem is, my right foot has too much movement and hence blisters on the edge of the pad.  Tried different brands of shoe, same problem.  Is there anywhere that sells odd sized shoes or is there another solution I could try ?

(I have tried nike anti blister socks-no improvement, and 1000 mile fusion twin layer socks-they helped by about 30% i would say)




  • have you tried two different types of socks....a thicker one like a thorlos one on the smaller size..

    suprised you get too much movemet as lots of people wear their running shoes a size or two bigger to avoid any blisters.......

  • Yeah I know, wierd that, I am only assuming its the movement that is causing the blisters, I can feel the movement most when running downhill.....

  • Have you tried lacing your shoes differently on each foot. Maybe look at a tighter lacing system on your right foot.

  • thats interesting, will do, thanks


  • i take an 11. that's an odd size.

  • I agree with the lacing suggestion. Some people running very long ultras will deliberately buy shoes up to 3 sizes bigger than their usual size to allow for foot swelling, without worrying about blistering because the shoes are too big. You should be able to come up with a way of lacing your smaller foot into the shoe that will hold it securely.

  • Will give that idea a go, thanks.

    I assume then there is nowhere to buy odd sized trainers ?

  • Pretty sure Brooks do a scheme but not sure if restricted to US so might be worth contacting manufacturers. Also speak to your local running shop in case they do a 'feet dating service' as it were. I know a shop went to years ag o used to this but I know wasn't that successful.

    Finally could buy two pairs and try to sell the spare mismatched shoes on Ebay.
  • use a gel insole on the smaller foot

  • Gel insole sounds like a good idea, will give that a try. I found the brooks scheme (USA) online, I'd be aswell just buying two pairs when they are on sale, maybe try and sell spare ones like you suggest. Thanks
  • You could also try sticking a cushioned or gel heel pad thingy into the back of the heel of the right shoe - this sort of thing http://www.amazon.co.uk/Foot-Petals-Heavenly-Heelz-Cushion/dp/B005CO7IVI. Sold for women's court shoes, normally! If you left it to stick tight on the shoe for a couple of days before running it might stay put...

  • I have now purchased gel insoles, do they go under the trainers insole or on top if it?

    Aldi ??2.
  • Hmm, tried the insoles but I can see that the different height caused by wearing 1 insole could be an issue, felt uncomfortable.

    I have also bought a pair of trainers (2 pairs actually) and am wearing the correct size for each foot, must say, it feels great to have shoes that fit both feet properly. Think this is the future guys.
  • If you can afford it, sounds like the best solution. image
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