Beachy Head - run/walk on no real marathon training

What would you do?  I run regularly but haven't been "marathon training" - longest run recently is 9m.  A friend has asked me to run/walk Beachy Head with her...and I don't know whether to do it or not....any advice?  I'm then going away with running friends for a running weekend two weeks later...and don't want to hamper my enjoyment/ability to parttake in that....

What do you think?  Be sensible and not do Beachy Head or do it?


  • do it.   Most people who "run" BHM walk up the steep hilly bits anyway so if you're happy to do a run/walk then it will be no big deal.  Just keep yourself in check on the downhills.   and don't forget that the event is open to walkers so many choose to walk the whole thing - often setting off earlier than 9am to ensure plenty of daylight to get around.

    as long as you're sensible, you should recover fine for he weekend away later

  • I agree. Just treat it more as a long walk with a friend and you should be fine.

  • Beachy is a brilliant event, but if you do set off intending to run/walk it, try to stick to that: it's all hilly (understatement) but you need plenty in the tank/legs for the last 5 or 6 miles. I've done it three times and been shattered by the end, every time. 

  • Hi folks hope training is progressing well and the excitement is building for the big day! We are looking for plenty of volunteers to Steward the Beachy Head Marathon! We couldn't manage without our army of fabulous helpers. Please do get in touch if you or anyone you know would like to come and join us and be part of this fantastic day on the 27 October. If you can help please call 01323 415442 or email image

  • Fat Buddha, Thanks for a great thread, the excitment is really building now.

    Just one question, I have done BHM the last 3 years but I always get a little caught out (i.e. nearly break my bloody neck) on the stoney / rocky / brick lane section.

    Can you tell me how far into the run it is?  

    Many thanks Loni


  • that's at about 4 miles or so - bottom end of the track from Butt's Brow down into Jevington.  

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