10K Warm up and Stitch Pain

Hi All,

I have a 10k run this Sunday coming, I was wondering if I could get some help/ opionions?

My first question is regarding to warm ups for the 10k?  I have read that it is a good idea to job between 1k - 2k for a warm up before the race.  When should this warm up take place before the run, would it be an hour before/ half an hour?

My second question is I keep getting a stitch everytime I run which I never used to get, how do you prevent getting a stitch before you run a race?



  • I guess the length/duration of your warm-up would depend on your experience, ability and planned pace. An hour before is probably too early as you would have cooled down by the time you set off.

    The stitch is probably eating or drinking too close to your run.

  • Left side all the time or random? The left side stitch is a common issue, and you can solve it quite easily by altering your breathing pattern so that you breathe out when you are landing on your left foot. The pain will often subside within a minute or so if you act promptly. You may need to work on your breathing if the stitches are random and happening frequently.

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for the replys, I run a 10k in approxemetly between 50 - 55 minutes depending on the day and how I run on the day.

    So not the greatest of speeds I know but its enough to keep me fit, I just want to enjoy the race as appose to fight throguh it with legs not yet warmed up and a stitch.

    The stitch I would say is on the left yes, from memory of last years run and my training run this weekend just gone its the left hand side.  

    So general rules would be to do a warm up jog about 20mins before the race starts and make sure my last sip of water is about an hour before?


  • You can take fluids and a small amount of food before or during exercise, which is why people take jelly babies and water with them on long runs. You just don't want anything in your stomach that you don't need for the next hour or so - a 3 course meal bouncing up and down inside you could do some damage.

    No idea about warm-up jogs, I just like to stretch for 15 minutes.

  • Cool thankts Tota,

    I have heard about jelly babys, do these actually work... I guess you just eat a handful or so half an hour before the race do you?


  • All I eat for a 10k is a banana while I'm warming up, I've run much longer distances without anything so I really wouldn't worry. Jelly babies are nice and light, super cheap and easy to digest, so you can carry a few for a snack on longer runs. Ideally I'd carry a banana, but they are heavy and can attract unwanted attention.

  • I have done jelly babies on my 15m plus runs so I don't hit the wall, don't know if they would make my difference in that distance? (Only a newbie so I might be talking rubbish)
  • Hi all, I have my first 10k run in 4 weeks time and can't wait for it. I do between 20 and 25 miles a week so should I taper down in the last week or carry on with my usual running pattern ? Thanks.
  • Probably best to have seperate threads for new issues. A jelly baby thread could be particularly interesting. There's probably been plenty of research and calculations to work out the best strategy for elite athletes, but I bet nobody has put much effort into studying what us slow, middle-aged, fatties should be doing. 

    For 15m, I suspect a quick jelly baby hit will have a psychological boost at least, but unless perhaps you're running first thing, and without any breakfast, I doubt it's more than that. Might be worth keeping a diary to record runs with and without babies.

  • the longer and slower the run: the shorter the required warmup. so a big warm up for a 100m race is required less so for a marathon.

    30 mins should be ok for a 10k. your jog is probably a little too far but fine. also include some dynamic stretching...not static long stretches.

    stitch: could be eating too close to your race as others say or perhaps lack of potassium...go eat some bananas.


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