1st 10k

Hi all, ive got my 1st 10k on the 13th october, what i need to know is can i do a 'test run' during the week before or should i be concentrating on speedwork etc..? I don't want to overdo things but i want to be sure i can run the distance as i have only ever ran it twice before, any help will be grateful, thanks
lisa x


  • Hi Lisa - I've not run 10k yet - that's one of my targets - but from what I've read it advisable to run something like 8k two weeks before the event and then taper your running. The schedules all seem to point to doing less mileage the week before. How long ago did you run the distance?
  • Hi, lisa, Im doing my first 10k on the 13th (in harlow) and as sukay says doing a 5 mile run on thurs/fri to see if I can do it then tapering the following week. I did a 40 min 4 mile race last sunday so am hoping to do 60 mins(this time Ill remember to take my watch to pace myself properly).

    On the day, youll find you get taken along by the event anyway..

    good luck

  • hi sukay and nettyrim
    i last did the distance a few weeks agobut we were dead slow and it was a very hard run! but i train with a friend and she is quite keen to try it again on tuesday next week...i'm just not too sure i should be running that far so close to the event, i don't want to pull anything!!, we have been running about 5 miles recently, so i'm sure we can do it and like you say we'll get carried away on the day anyway. all the best for your first 10k too nettyrim.
  • Lisa

    As a compromise, you might like to work out how long you think it will take you to run the 10k and then go for a run/walk for that amount of time - e.g. run 5 min, walk 1 min and repeat for as much time as needed. That should give you extra confidence that, even if you haven't run 10k before, you've been on your feet for the same amount of time.

    But as you say, if you can do 5 miles in training, running 6.2 in a race will be no problem.
  • Hi Lisa. I did my 1st ever 10k last sunday. I made the classic beginners mistake and started out too fast, and then really struggled later. I was aiming for 60mins, was on schedule at 1k, 30secs up at 2k, and then went downhill from there. Maybe I was just having a bad day - but I'm putting it down to experience and will be careful with the pacing next time. Final time was 63.16.
    All the best on the 13th!
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