Cross country spikes - reccomendations?

Hi, after some advice/opinions ref cross country spikes. I run in ascis, have done for the last 7 years and during the past 2 seasons of cross country I've been wearing Innov 8 talon 190, which are good and useful for a variety of terran however after getting a proper pair of spikes. I'm leaning towards asics as I like the fit of the road shoes, cumulus, ds skyspeed and hyperspeed, but have heard alot about nike's xc spikes, any opinions/reviews? 



  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    In my experience, although it was a few years ago, Nike and Asics' spikes were a similar fit, and made it onto my short list but both missed out to Brooks, which just felt like the best fit.  There's the rub though - the best pair are the ones that fit you, i.e. snug around the heel and mid-foot, but you'll find a lot of spikes are quite narrow, so the sole may not give you the right stability.  The ones I've mentioned were on the wider side and felt better for me.

  • I didn't have great experiences with nike spikes - I found them very deep and wide, whereas I have quite narrow feet. I really rate adidas spikes, and use them for both track (venus) and cross country (xc2). I haven't used anything else for abouty 10 years. Heard good things about brooks and saucony spikes as well though.

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