calf problems not sure whats causing it???

hello all im newish to running i have done it on and off for a while but last few weeks been trying to get out more and more at least twice a week 3-5 miles each time but more and more often i go out and within few hundred yards  i get pain in the achilles and withing mile mile and half it spreads up the calf getting worse and worse to the point i have to walk (limp) home. i dont know y this is i stretch quite well and have okish trainners i think my running stance and stride is ok but something is stopping me any ideas??? thanks


  • Have you considered a medical opinion?   image

    Likely a calf strain or tendonitis, RICE or PRICE whichever is more favoured these days

    Rest ... limping home is not a sign to go out and try it again   !!

  • hi yeah when i got home i done rice and that helped abit soar next day or to but then if i go again it might do it it might not im not sure what the gp could do they are abit useless round my way?


  • It could be your doing too much to soon! Another factor to consider is your shoes. I had simlar problems and ended having prescribed orthotics made for me. I now rarely get problems.

    You will need to get your legs used to the new regime and muscles need to re-shape!!

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