MBNA Chester Marathon 2013



  • Did Conwy half on Sunday, 300 metres climbing on 3 miles. Awesome race. Anyone in new mills area doing famous grouse on sun ?
  • acp- hope the hip issue clears up soon....

    Sir John- well done on the halfimage

    compo- good luck with the trainingimage

  • SJaL - I also ran the Conway half - great course & mostly flat except that little 2.5 mile climb around the Orme.  Who said Chester was hilly image

    A quick heads up to say that we are opening the 2013 marathon (race date 6th October) for entries on Monday 3rd December with no price increase for those who enter before the end of January.

    Next race for me is the Stockport 10 on 9th Dec - a couple of interesting hills in that one.   For someone who doesn't like hills I certainly choose some odd races ... Snowdonia Marathon, Conway 1/2 & Stockport 10, then getting flatter in the new year with 4 Villages Half image


  • Chris- best of luck with Stockport. Might see you next year- tempted by the promise of speed of Abingdon, but I do love your race and the city..... Do you know whether the race will be hosting the Welsh Masters Champs again? That may well influence me image image
  • Hi folks, sorry for my absence of late, I lost myob 3 weeks ago, so have been on a bit of a downer! Running is keeping me sane though, or as Santa's I have ever been.......
  • Scott as I said on other block good luck
  • Scott- there you are!
  • Anyone who has not done stk 10 enter next year. Great race and there promises to be something very special at the start this year
  • Nothing like a morning track session to blow away the cobwebs 1m warm up, 5k with 20 secs recovery after mile 1 and mile 2 (hard and hurt!) and 1 m warm down. 5k was in 17.33- happy I could have held that in a race, which would have given me a shiny new PB. image More slow miles later

    Have a great day everyone- don't get blown away or washed away!!!
  • Well, I went out in the fog mid morning, down the river bank, then back through the town centre which always attracts a few odd looks, metering a gangly 6 footer in lycra, oh well, it puts a few smiles on faces......
  • Just booked hotel for next years marathon.....
  • Uneventful 12.03m with 200m ascent in 1.24.54 for me this morning, although my legs could still feel yesterday's 5k. Splits: 7:28 7:22 7:26 7:26 7:28 7:22 6:45 6:40 6:45 6:44 6:40 6:36 11

    Weather turning nasty here again now....
  • did Clowne half marathon today  in 1h37   wind was awful today  but did stay fine   not a PB race   

  • Nice one, Compo image
  • Well done Compo, sounds like a tough one!
  • Good run compo
  • I have my eye on Chester 2013: can anyone suggest a good tune-up half marathon around a month before?

  • Lake Vyrnwy - flat apart from 1st mile to the lake.

  • Ooh - good call, acp. Always wanted to do that one.

  • Happy to help! image

  • Hi Guys! No internet for last 2 days!image So catching up to do.

    Furst, there's the little matter of a tempo session..... Catch you all laterimage

  • Good morning folks, hope you all have a good weekend, I am only doing a couple of miles today, as I am racing tomorrow, doing the none valley 10 miler near Peterborough, I am expecting a cold run, should be fun though. I am off with a chap from running club that will be in shorts and vest, no matter how cold it is........
  • Just a quick note to say hi to all and let everyone know that the 2013 race has just opened for entries.  No price increase for entries before 31st Jan 2013 image

    Thanks & happy training to all

  • Right, I'm in. Just booked a Travelodge room for a ridiculously cheap price. Saves the stress of driving there in the morning of the race. Just need to get a race place. Oh yes, and get my training plan sorted.

  • Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums, I've run and loved Chester for the last 2 years, I run for Wrexham AC, I think it's a great race even also goes past my house!
  • Paul, welcome aboard. Are you running Chester in 2013?
  • Not signed up yet but will be
  • Paul, what time are you aiming for?
  • Seriously considering entering this one. I prefer an autumn marathon.

    Dan - which Travelodge. Is it easy to get to the race from there?


  • Splodge, I think that there is a travel lodge at the entrance to the race course, about 100 meters from the start/finish line.
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