MBNA Chester Marathon 2013



  • And it is 19 weeks away isn't it????


  • 100 miles is just something i want to try ,for a motivation point of veiw JD ,whats the most mileage you've done in a week mateimage

  • Cg- 120 in about 15 hours- about 6 weeks before I died at 9m into Snowdonia marathon. Plenty of time to get 100m, mate. My limit at the moment is 13 hours of running a week- after building up to that. Too much, too soon is a recipe for disaster- as I found image If you want a target, I would go for time rather than mileage, but still bear in mind the end result- if it starts to feel too much, back off. Over training and running a crap race is really easy to do image I know! image

  • great advice JD thanks,saying that my running times compared to yours differ so much my long runs of 20 miles take me about 3 hrs 30 lol.

  • That's why I suggested looking at time. My long run today was an easy paced 2 hours- elite runners would be running 20+m...... I didn't!  Just remember that every session has a purpose and know what that purpose is....image


  • cybistridercybistrider ✭✭✭
    Col griffo- I'm with Jason D on this one. Before last years marathon I did a fair few 100m weeks. basically the marathon didn't go well shall we say. The point is what you do with the miles not how many you do.
  • JD thanks,i think you stopped me from doing something that i dont need,and more so coming back after my calf problem,cheers mateimage Andy hi buddy,  anyway chaps ive always done things this way,because i do all my training on my own,i deffo need some advice on whats the best way to make sure my runs always mean something,not just logging waste miles as they say,i always think more is better lol stubborn sod me cheers guys.

  • cg- best bet would be to follow a plan. A lot of peeps will be following one of the plans in Ppfitzinger and Douglas' (P&D) book, " Advanced Marathoning" ( son't worry about the title- advanced just means that you have a time in mind, rather than just get around). Or you could try one of the RW plans on this site for free image

  • JD cheers mate,i have had a look at hal higdons advanced,but because of my shift pattern i will have to shuffle it around quite a bit mate,12 hour shifts are terrible to train around.

  • cybistridercybistrider ✭✭✭
    19m today for me on a hilly route with rain the whole time. Lovely, not.

    all this talk of P&D is making it tempting to get another Garmin.
  • I to am going to follow P&D strating next week , my first build up with a proper plan . Going for 2:45 on the 55/week but will probably be slightly ahead on mileage but am concerned about the pace as i have never run at P&D speeds in training

  • cybistridercybistrider ✭✭✭
    Barlick a plans allways good unless you have a history of good results every race. Less likely to peak to soon as well.
  • London Bupa 10k PB for me yesterday  46.43 mins. Not in your guys league but very pleased with it as was hoping for a sub 48.

    P&D up to 55/week plan starts next Monday image

  • I can't compete with that either. My one and only 10k race was 1.00.29, three weeks ago. Proud of it tho, as pulling 17st round a 10k is achievement enough for me

  • ST27 - That's the best thing about running though, you're only really racing yourself at the end of the day!

  • OT- well saidimage

    Lisa- congratulations on the new PBimage

  • 5.6m recovery run this morning- brutal intervals again laterimage

  • cybistridercybistrider ✭✭✭
    Jason- are you doing that session from p&d or just created it yourself.
  • Andy- doing it from here- second column: http://www.209events.com/file/253.pdf

  • cybistridercybistrider ✭✭✭
    how long would you say that session takes Jason
  • For Chester I think I will stick to my tried and tested full training plan .. which at this stage with 20 weeks to go is 5 runs per week.

    By the time I get to start the plan at about 14 weeks I will have successfully managed to mentally whittle that down to 4 runs per week (don't want to be just putting junk miles in for the sake of it now do we!).

    So in reality allowing for losing the motivational battle more often than not, I will be looking at running 3 times a week, one LSR starting at 16 and rising to 22, dipping to 14 every other week (looking to get at least 5 20+in), one MLR building to a couple of weeks of midweek 13milers, and one 'ahem' intervalsspeedwork run to try and put a little (all things being relative remember) pace in to the equation. Should I overcome my motivational defficency then I will add another 5 mile recovery run in aswell.

    If things go well at Giants Head in a few weeks (ie I don't die!!) then I may look at trying for 3:45 - 3:50, but that is still to be decided.


  • Andy- about 65 mins-?

    bruce- good luck with Giants Headimage


  • Or maybe MUCH longer.......

    Garmin problems saw my intervals become 5x300 with 100 jogs followed by 5min jog. Periodimage So much for the 5 sets!!....By the time I had sorted things out, the track was full of little people, so Plan B came into operation: run tomorrow's 8m this evening and do intervals in the morning. Simples! Still, 16.96m for todayimage

  • So is everyone in full training for Chester already or just ticking over for a while?

    I followed a 16 week programme for London this year and it felt a bit too long really, i was thinking 12 weeks might be better for Chester.

    Im training more for triathlons at the moment, so thats 3 runs a week along with the swimming and cycling. The plan was to pick the running back up properly at the end of June but im getting abit worried about not doing enough after looking on here!

  • Mark- sounds like a plan image  I am going to try an 18 week plan which starts next Monday if I have got my sums right....

  • Was planning an 18 week plan starting next week but as I've been under instructions not to run by physio for last three weeks, got to rethink that.

    Back to physio on Thursday so hopefully will get the go ahead and then have a couple of gentle weeks to build up then start 16 week plan.

    Hopefully as this is my first marathon and therefore not really aiming at a time (Although I know in reality I'll probabley be aiming at 4:30) this should still give me enoigh time to build the miles up.


  • Kind of shaping up to start building towards a three month plan Mark. Apart from the weeks where I've been away with work I've averaged mid 30's/week this year with a long run of 12-15m each week, the shorter ones starting slow and picking up to HM pace at the end. Swimming lesson then 6m at just off target MP tonight, felt good considering about 45-50m on my single speed bike yesterday, half of that into a savage wind.

  • mark1981 - am starting the P&D (up to 55 mile)18 week plan on Monday and itching to start although it needs a tweak or two to include club runs.  I averaged 40 miles a week at the peak last time so it may be ambitious but am feeling strong and like to push the endurance (speed not so much). Am hoping to do 4.15/4.20 at Chester.

    I figure an 18 week plan is really only 15 weeks because the last three are taper so 'only' 15 weeks to get in shape.

    Steve -

  • Sorry, forgot to add - Steve- I'm in awe of some of the times on here too - I can only manage a 55 min 10K now but last year it was 61 mins so you do get there with time.

    Are you planning a half marathon along the way to Chester?  I've been looking for a local one and so far just come up with Bridgwater in September.

  • Graeme- it sounds like my training is similar to yours at the moment.

    Torquay- I followed p&d for London and knocked 12 mins off my marathon pb so the plan definitely works. I'll probably be loosely following the 55-70 plan again.

    Its interesting seeing all of the different plans, I suppose there's more than one way to train for a marathon. I think I might stick to my plan for now but try and up my mileage a bit, I just don't wanna peak too early! image

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