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  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone.

    I'll be starting an adapted P&D plan next week.  Adapted to make it much less than 55 miles!  As much as I'd love to push myself, family commitments mean I just cannot find the time to follow that plan properly.

    I'll be happy if I manage to reach 40 miles.  But that would be a big improvement on the mileage I did for my first marathon.  I have been getting into the twenties for most weeks for the last 2 or 3 months though...  so I've got some sort of base.

  • Busy morning here! 2 bananas for breakfast followed by 14.29m of running: 4.35m warm up, 8.67m of intervals (the infamous 5 sets of 5x300@5k pace with 100 jogs and 5 mins between sets) and 1.27m warm down. Sports massage later, so had to squeeze it all in this morning. Good session! Got home to find that I had got a Lucozade Sport Elite Top Ten % tech t, gel and voucher for free drink through the post for finishing in top 10% of VLMimage 

  • cybistridercybistrider ✭✭✭
    Cheers for feedback on the speed session Jason. you mention about congestion on the track which is the reason I started using the road. I'm all for encouraging people to get into running but it helps if you can focus when doing a specific session. I'd of done same as you really.

    Faffed about that much yesterday that my AM 6m recovery and PM 6m recovery became 12m steady in rain. Didn't want a soaking twice in one day. Only got one rain jacket that will sort of stand up to that kinda rain image
  • andy- no flattish roads around hereimage well done on the 12m recoveryimageimage

  • Jason I just got the same pack from Lucozade, I'm well impressed with the asics t-shirt! 

  • Mark- same here, mateimage

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hello all - another P&Der here. Will be following the 18week 70-85 schedule, but will probably not be running on the monday...so more like 64-78 schedule or something. Since VLM I have been slowly building up the mileage, just plodding about without garmin...am planning on running between 50 to 60mi this week.

    I haven't raced since London...don't think I could have even if I wanted to. I may do some in the next few months though...maybe a 10k, a 10mi and a half....maybe. Actually have already signed up for Warringto Half in september.

  • 15West- welcome backimage

  • cybistridercybistrider ✭✭✭
    Jason D I'm in same situation as you with the lack of flat terrain. The only flat running I can do is on cycle path parralell to river dee or track pretty much next to river dee. There is one lane thats reasonably flat "ish" but other than that intervals would have to be hill reps. For some reason I've never fancied hill reps. I like to try an keep a quick leg turnover though and not sure that would happen with hill reps.

    Dont have any hills longer than about 4minutes anyway. Not uninterupted atleast and within a warm distance of home.
  • cybistridercybistrider ✭✭✭
    As trainin partner is away this week and suggested doing 800's next wednesday I decided to swap last weeks 400's for 5x1200m in 3:34 3:44 3:35 3:45 3:34 slight wind going one way. Recoveries were 3:45 jog at about 8min pace. Managed to steal a march ready for next week he heimage
  • bev hartbev hart ✭✭✭

    All this sounds very serious! I have entered this my second marathon to coincide with BIG birthday....have started new thread for newbies or oldies!



  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Morning all...hello Bev...

    12 miles for me this morning. That is all.

  • Hi Bev, I'm with you getting very series on here for us first time oldies image, what's your new thread called?

    (No offence guys but you're scaring me image )

  • bev hartbev hart ✭✭✭

    image   chester marathon

    virgin non elite   !!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Don't be put off newbies/oldies/scaredies! It's good to have a mix of all types of runners on this thread...keeps it interesting.

  • cybistridercybistrider ✭✭✭
    I'm with 15 west. We can all benefit from each others words. Its the "newbies" which keep me reminded of the basics of training. Need reminding of what I allready know more often than not.
  • Bev, don't be put off by these young lithe racing snakes, there's plenty of us racing 3-toed sloths here too ... and besides we get more for our dollar by making it last longer image


    And on a serious note, it is well worthwhile sticking to the one thread, as whilst a few of these guys may seem out of our league speed wise, they are still training to cover the same distance , and can often be a wealth of experienced knowledge which is equally applicable to us.

  • Physio says as long as I get no reaction to exercises between now and Sunday I can start (Slowly) running again image, so looks like it's going to be 18 weeks from scratch!!!!

  • Bev, hello and hang around.

    I am a marathon newbie and although the faster runners sound like they are talking in another language image we can all learn from one another.



  • Absolutely need to keep to one threadimage

    nothing happening here today- recovery day of 2 uneventful 5.6m runs image


  • Club session, 3x1.3m reps up the hill, over the railway and around back down the hill. 1k jog recovery. Love it.

  • Anyone looking for GFA entry for VLM? You need to go to their site on June 24 and enter via link

  • cybistridercybistrider ✭✭✭
    Quiet on ere. Whats peoples training like at the minute.

    Just a simple 3 mile recovery run for me to keep legs ticking over before tomorrows mile reps.

    That sessions turning into a long session gradually.

    2.5m warm up

    8.0 x 1mile in 5:55-6:00

    0.25m x 8 recovery jogs

    2.5m warm down

    15m total in about 1:44
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I'm just base building Andy. 6 miles this morning - pretty warm out there, I was a bit of a sweatybetty. Will get up early tomorrow and run about 15mi...then nout on sunday.

  • Andy, Chester still seems like an eternity away at the moment, as currently still recovering from the Sandstone whilst looking forward to the delights of the Giants Head Mara at the end of June, then will have a week or so off before starting out on Chester plan.

  • Andy, 5.6m recovery this fine morning. Pm will be 30mins at 6.00-6.10 and 10x 400s @ 5.45 with 200 recoveriesimage

  • Too tough for me!! Couldn't do the faster stuff after half an hour running tempo! Think Wednesday's massage is still in my legs. Still, all good trainingimage

  • Managed to finish first in my local parkrun today and set a new pb of 17.17 so I'm pleased with myself today!

    My mileage is still very low at the moment so I'm gonna need to start the base training soon. 

    I agree with everyone else, keep one thread. This website would be boring if everyone was the same! 

  • Mark - well done on first place and the PB! image

    Parkrun for me too, but nothing like as fast! Mine was in the middle of a 1.00.00 run (8.16m)

  • 20m LSR done and dusted in the rather warm sunshine this morning. Bit tough towards the end but all done now image ... now retiring to the sofa to watch the Lions.


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