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  • Hi Guys and Girls


    I was planning on running Chester this year and hopefully getting a PB based on peoples comments about the course, however upon returning from holiday a week before I was going to start my training I found out my mum had terminal cancer, 2 weeks later she died.


    Unfortunately through this time and for weeks since I hit the booze pretty hard and ate just garbage all the time and lost all my motivation for running. I'm getting my head together a bit now and plan to start 9 weeks of training next Monday and do a couple of small runs this weekend just to get the blood flowing.


    I have run a number of marathons before, last one was Manchester earlier this year which I ran 3:32. I'm unsure why I am typing this to you all, but mostly I think I am hoping to help motivate myself (and in turn others) through the  camaraderie of people on this forum as I have made good friends on here before.


    Good Luck to all running


  • Keep Plodding on....you are an inspiration....good luck in your runs and im sure your mum will be looking over you xx

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    Vicky - using this link on runners world to pace bands - when we plug in 4hr 44- ( i plan to run at that pace to allow an extra minute for mile 24 incline ) - then the pace for 4:44 is 10min 49 per mile - the usual advice is to try to get to your goal marathon pace during the training - but during some shorter runs. Not the long slow run which newcomers (and me after 20+marathons) will always find tough. The plan for the Long slow run - is to gradually build distance, and possibly run at 30sec/mile slower than target marathon pace - it will be different in the race - as with lots of people around it should be easier ( should!). if folks have not done a marathon before then the long slow run to - long 15-18-20miles will always seem difficult. The challenge is the mind games to keep going, and as you get fitter to try and maintain pace in the later miles. the shorter faster runs should be a little faster than marathon pace - so that in marathon - you know you have strenght to keep going as you know you can run faster.

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    Nykie - re parking - there are maps of car parks on the city council website, as mR P says - get there early , - IF your friend can get to the city by 0730 then should be able to get on the racecourse, but there are other places.

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    Rose - reasons for running there are many 

    because its there !, it is a great little race, ? voted one of top marathons in UK , it is organised by runners, it has city crowds to cheer, and country lanes-but all the support water stations have great support. - 10 weeks - bags of time - if you are reasonably fit and could go out and run 8-9 miles soon. this will be my 4th Chester marathon. If its your first marathon - just think of that sense of achievement. There are 2 kinds of people in the world those who have run a marathon and those who havenot (but secretly would love to)

  • wrexhamrobwrexhamrob ✭✭✭

    keep plodding - welcome or welcome back- sorry to hear about your Mum, thanks for sharing - we are all human and i really do believe that the runners cameraderie is one of the best. Hey if you are a 3.32 runner - you are amazing. Only you can decide if you want to run; if you do , then as time is passing - you ll know all about there being no short cuts, you cant catch up on lost time. But you can put in training in time left - you may probably need to adjust goals . But dedicating this run to your Mum would be special. Often on my long runs - i try and dedicate a half mile to lost relatives - thinking good things aboutthen for 1/2 mile , then about others who mean a lot to me. Im only going for a run , others have been through a lot.  Happy running guys and gals - sorry on a bit of a roll tonight image- i went out for an interval session 7 x 0.5mile with up to a minute in between hilly course, but mostly around or less than 8min/mile pace - quite pleasing. night night 

  • KPO- Sorry to hear about your loss

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    KPO - so sorry about your sad news. Are you still running Chester then? You could run it for your mum?

    Not been on here for a while. I was down south for a long weekend...saturday was at the athletics at olympic stadium with daughter...then rest was in Folkestone in Kent. Did 20mi sunday morning along the coast; 7 monday, 9 tuesday, 15 yesterday (back in Manchester), 8 this morning. I am currently home alone with the dog as daughter and partner have buggered off to Japan for 3 weeks.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Morning all. 13mi for me today.

  • Have a good one 15west ! Poss a short 3 or 5 tonight before a curry. looking forward to training run Sunday - all welcome , pacer some will be there

  • 15west -that's some dedication , need to feed off that

    KPO - running as you know sometimes helps .

    missed last two days of running time but the weekend awaits come on!



  • wrexhamrob - where is the training run?

    i feel like i am well behind on this training - not entirely sure where i am going to fit in the required base long running.

    how many 20+ runs would you expect to do before hand?

    i am reguarly kicking around the 10 mile mark, but training for a couple of 100+ sportives and a HIM is eating my time.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Kev - following a plan...that's all. I am a slave to the P&D schedule.

  • Hi BudJude see the website http://www.activeleisureevents.co.uk/full-marathon/training-runs.aspx for info - 0830 from total fitness Liverpool road on Sunday. How many 20 milers - enough to feel confident , I think I've done some marathons with 18,20,18 and lots of good base level training . I feel more confident with say 3 x 20 over 6 weeks , before tapering . But we're all different . But we're all different - what's a 100 sportive ? Sounds hardcore ! 


    Just done my 3 mile tempo in 08:09 pace per mile - well pleased . Have agood weekend all. May see some folks on sunday

  • Hi guys can anyone tell me what gels they have at the race, and where you can get them cheers !!


  • Rob,  "Meet the pace runners", is that a skirt your running in image

  • KPO - so sorry to hear about your mum. Hope it helped to come here & share. If you decide to do the marathon I hope it's a good goal/focus for you...

    Jason your monthly total is amazing(/bonkers?), I did 70.6 miles in July but that's probably the most I've ever done lol.

    I missed my Tuesday and Thursday runs this week due to asthma but had a good 13+ miles this morning and went through the half marathon distance in 1:59, first sub-2 half marathon time of my thirties - seems so short after the 17 mile long run last week!

    Have a good weekend people.

  • http://instagram.com/frankiee_lew please follow me, help me with my progress - seriously want to hit running hard now. 


  • He he Nelly, it was my windproof jacket, it was the last 2 miles of Smowdonia marathon last year, previous 2 years had been pouring rain etc so I took my jacket - but it was a dry day! Thought it a good action photo as trying to stay upright on very steep downhill grassy slope ! 

  • WrexhamRob, at least you look to be enjoying the downhill, my experience of last years descent from Bwlch y Groes was a total nightmare, as I my IT Band started to go in the last few miles at Chester last year but then totally went going through Beddgelert which meant going up was fine, but coming down was absolute agony.

    All healed now though thank god, and a very hot and humid 20 miles in the bag this morning.

    KPO, sorry to hear about your mum, I lost my dad year before last after a particularly traumatic time with v. rare illness, and it was running stupid distances that kept me sane, as it gave me an outlet when I could be on my own and be me and 'let things out'. Sweat is an excellent disguise for tears image.

    Frankie, rather than just spamming the boards trying to get 'followers' why not just join in here, there are some fantastic runners on this thread that will give you all the help and encouragement you'll need.


  • hello all,


    Back from an extremely hot Majorca where it was 26/7 degrees at night. As such, only managed 4 miles at a time.....  in the dark...looking like a plonker.


    Today was 1st long run on return and 22 miles was interrupted with 3 sessions of irrational "I cannot do this" crying. Achilles and calf are playing up and doubt is creeping in.

    However, the fantastic effort put in by peeps on here show me that completion of any marathon in any time is what matters............and given it is my first it will have to be a pbimage

    KPO- it is inspiring to see that you are running to your goals in spite of what you have been through. We all run for various reasons and that is the joy of the sport.

    Aiming for a 3 mile recovery tomorrow. Aiming being the operative wordimage


  • Runningbagel - stick with it, you are doing really well. My thoughts exactly on the guaranteed PB!

    I was meant to be doing ten miles tempo today that I didn't do on Thurs but it was so wet I bailed after less than four as I wasn't sure my phone would survive the deluge - I went to Niagara Falls earlier this year and my poor camera stopped working for six hours after the boat trip (haha) so I can't do with my phone doing that while I'm on standby.

    I'm halfway through my training plan now and I've missed two long runs (10 and 12 miles), two tempo (five miles each) and one speed session (3 * 1600m).  Experienced marathon runners - do you think it matters that much? It's my first marathon and I just want to get round without it being too much of an ordeal... 

  • Hey running bagel 22 miles that's awesome, and it's just 2 miles over the marathon half way point , remember the half way in marathon is the 20 mies, and the 2nd half is a very tough 10k ! I'm just back in Mold eating my curry lunch , after getting back from this mornings Chester Marathon group training run. I must say the training runs are nearly as well organised as the race. Bottles if water at 3.5 7 10 mile and finish at 14 with flapjack. It was great to seeorganiser Chris, about 9or10 other pacers and lots of runners 30-40+ . An out and back route from total fitness, along the greenway, to Deeside, turn left at the river and turn round at the Queens

  • Ferry blue bridge then back same routjj I started with the 4hr45 group , but in middle we had some in between that and the 5 hr group so helped them. Then a welcome chat an flapjack at finish. As I'd arrived early to do my 3 mile warm up , I did a long slow 17 this morning , that'll do me . 

  • Rb- stick with it! image

    Wr- the training runs sound great- I'm jealous!image

    IQ- you are almost certain to miss some runs in the course of following a scheduleimage

    bruce- well done on the 20

    17.01m for me this morning in 1.58.55 (6.59 av) in monsoon conditions!! At least there was no problem with overheating, but parts of the route were ankle deep!! Roads on the way home quite flooded in places too- tricky drive. More later- with a 4m recovery paddleimageimage

  • Just done the Harting Trail 10 Mile , Hard race with 850ft of climbs (i know nothing to those of you who've done snowdon etc but more than enough for me image ) my first race since the injury and whilst not setting the world alight (1:39) i finished without injury so all feeling good. 

    Time to start uping the mileage.

    Still can't decide whether to follow Rob's skirt in the 4:45 group or go for 4:30 suppose there's still plenty of time to deside


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I went to the training run too, nice to meet you Rob, it is impressive isn't it?   I did 17, it  was my longest run for a few weeks after being on holiday so I struggled a little towards the end.  The first few miles flew by though.

    next one is early September, looking forward to it.  


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hello all.

    18 with 12 at mp this morning. The 12mi was roughly 6.25min/mi pace. Was knackered towards the end...but managed to complete it this time as was a bit cooler than previous events...and I'm probably a bit fitter.

    I'm home alone at the moment apart from the dog...so recovery is easier as I can please myself (which meant laying on the couch watching Kick Ass this afternoon).

  • Hello folks, I thought that I should drop in and say hello....some of you may remember me from last year and I am running çhester again this year. It has been a bit of a mixed up year work wise, so training is going slowly, although did 16 miles today in 2hrs 11, first half, all around 8 min miles, then legs turned to jelly in the heat. I hope I can pick up some tips and advice for this years event!

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