MBNA Chester Marathon 2013



  • That one is a Holiday Inn Express if you're googling...
  • Thanks Mr Puffy and scott,  image)


  • Splodge - I'm in the Chester Central Delamere Street travelodge - claims to be 0.8 miles from the racecours, so pretty near.

  • I found that having to walk a mile or so back to the hotel was quite useful, it gave me a chance to stretch out a bit on the walk back. I think if I had not had to do that I would have stiffened up a lot more than I did!
  • I wish the name of that bidget hotels wouldn't automatically get a web link. It makes it look like I'm advertising them. Which I am not. Stayed in one last week, and it was damp, cold, and lacking sufficient blankets. And paid for by work as well! image


  • Dan-,stayed thre last year. Ok, apart from the fact that the towels hadn't been changed and were covered in blood. Reception weren't too surprised or concerned. Tv remote didn't work- just got told there weren't any spares. Apart from that, it was ok....
  • Is this a good first marathon folks?
  • Well steve, it was my first marathon, and I have alreafy booked in to do it next year! Its a well supported and well organised race. I would heartily recomend it, good atmosphere, and chester is a nice place to visit for the weekend.
  • That's the plan. I need a place where the missus and son can go shopping or something while I spend my time out on the road. I may be a while getting round!
  • Hi Scott, sorry late late reply, I'm a newbie and lost this thread. I'd hope to be in a position to do a 3:30 marathon!!
  • Hi paul, I will hope fully be about 15 minutes behind you then.....

    Steve, my mrs is a vetran of hanging about while I am running. And she had a great time, just plan a couple of places in the city to look outfor you while on the course. My mrs usually ends up talking to other running widows while I am running. If you are staying over the night before, make sure that you book in some where for dinner months in advance!
  • Thanks Scott. I had a mad plan to stay with my in laws near Preston the night before but I may be discarding that idea as plain mad. I've seen some of the accommodation prices and it makes more sense for me to do it that way. They do a better breakfast than my in laws at leastimage. I've just about made my mind up to do this now, so all I have to do is motivate myself to run in the continual North Devon rain
  • Definitely stay over! I found it to be a good motivatinal aid to book the race, the accommodation and to tell any one that would listen that I was doing it, then, failure is not an option......
  • I night have to steal your idea of telling everyone at work. I have two marathon runners on my team at work. They'll be the hardest to impress.

    I might join my local running club. Might improve my confidence.
  • The 2runners at work might surprise you, I am sure that they will be very supportive! And will be more than happy to offer advice. Joini g a local club is a good idea, don't be shy, pop along, tell them what you are looming to achieve and go from there.
  • I really really really really REALLY want to do Chester again.  But I also really really want to do Snowdonia too.  Hmm.

  • Hmmm, HeOw, tough call......
  • I want to do Snowdonia too but a step too far for a first marathon methinks. Running 26 miles on the flat is daunting enough...
  • Steve, its 26.2, and chester isn't flat, admittedly, a lot flatter tnan snowdon, but not flat like here in Lincolnshire. I would suggest that chester would be a more sensible option if you haven't run many long races. As long as you can do 20 miles on training, ypu will be fine......
  • HeOw - do both like Jason D does! image

  • Acp- exactly! image

    Snowdonia was my first marathon- and the last 2 years I've done both Chester and Snowdonia image
  • I knew someone would throw Jason into the mix! Well, Jason, you aren't human, so I shall leave the 2 marathons in a few weeks, one being a mountain one, to you. I'll make decision over next few weeks if I decide to enter Snowdon as the entries open Jan 1st...? How quickly does it sell out?
  • Maybe first I should run my spring marathon and the Trail Marathon Wales in June before I make a decision!
  • HeOw, which spring marathon are you doing?
  • Jason may be non-human but you're still crazy enough to do both too HeOw! image

    No Spring marathon for me. I'm slowly building up the mileage again after overdoing speed training after Chester. Then I want 6 months of good, solid, injury-free base training before hopefully starting the P&D 55mile training schedule for Chester next October.

  • I am probably doing Brighton.  Or Manchester.  Not 100% on either yet but started P&D and juming between

  • HeOw- go on do the double! image

    Just over 9m tonight before facing shopping....A 6.6kg free range bronze turkey has just taken up residence in my fridge image a weight on the fridge shelf, but off my mind! image
  • 2 supermarkets taken on today and an oven cleaned! so much for the first day of the holiday!!

    6.46m recovery run done. VERY wet and windy!!

    Right, going to have a look at next week's schedule and try to shift things around a bit. No chance of doing the planned 4m and 10m on Tuesday!!image Or so I'm told....image

  • Hooray!!! 4th run done and dusted. Xmas nearly ready- just sprouts left to peel. 4 runs today = 25.1m = rest day tomorrow without compromising weekly mileage imageimageimage MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY!!!!! 

     Right, where's that bottle of red?imageimage

  • Happy christmas every one.
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