MBNA Chester Marathon 2013



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    Nice one Nelly...good progress. Good luck on sunday with the 16miles...

  • running into the unknown.......image loving it! 

    2nd outing for pure cadence this morning. Slowly beginning to like them. After years of  running own matresses (kayanos and adrenalines) they feel different but so much lighter.

    have fun with the 16 miles.... Over the 15 mile humpimage

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    Morning all. Was wondering what on earth you were on about then Runningbagel...it's trainers right?! I don't think the pure range come in 2e width fitting do they?

    Got a bit of DOMS from sunday's race today...some of the downhills have killed my legs. So, will be an easy run today, not sure how far yet...will see how I feel.

  • Yup trainers.....tried to edit "own mattresses" but iPad wouldn't let me.

    The cadence are pretty narrow... a bit like the adrenaline 9's.

  • I've been struggling with my back and my foot but managed a 12 mile LSR yesterday. The second half was tough as my metasarsalagia/Morton's neuroma thing flared up.

    But I tried a gel for the first time. Ack ack ack.

  • 15 west

    Ive ran a couple of marathons but not for a few years, do plenty of halfs, my longest run recently is last weeks half marathon, My weekly average has collapsed recently! probably looking at around 10 - 15 miles a week. As for my leg I dont think much is wrong with it, just need to go easy on it!  guess i just need to get my head sorted before its to late!

  • Evening allimage

    good day here- 5.7m recovery this morning then 20x 400 at 10k race pace with 100m jog recoveries this afternoon- 10k in 37.50 and a mile warm up and a mile warm down image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Good running Jason.

    Feel pretty much recovered from sunday's race now...last few days have been jogging some easy miles. Today got 15.

    Jon - if you're doing this marathon you need to start building up your mileage...not too much to soon though, especially with that leg. You need to get your long runs up to about 20mi by about 4 weeks before...

  • ive got a 6 mile club championship run tonight...would it be daft to go out this morning an do a recovery 3 miler ??? advice please


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    Up to you Rose....I'm sure it wouldn't hurt? Depends how your legs are feeling...is this to make up your daily/weekly mileage? I'm not much of a double day person myself...Jason is Mr double day.

  • Hi, Mr Double day hereimage

    Rose, this may be too late, but I wouldn't run this morning if it is an important race this evening....at least, not fastimage

    5.7m recovery here this morning in the rainimage 12ish planned for later

  • 15West...legs feel fine...

    Jason d....did 4 mile @ just over 9min mile....

    thanx both for advice...all will be revealed when I collapse after the run tonight image

  • Hi!

    For someone who can only really get out to run 3 times a week what sort of things should I be doing now? i am not looking to beat any time, just get to the end ( my first).

    I do a long run at weekends - alternating a long long one with a mid length one.



  • Nelly - good luck with 16 miler this weekend, am also looking to extend LSR over the next month or so as well as adding extra miles on mid-week runs .

    On average how many pairs of running shoes should a person have on the go at one time? 


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Natalie - carry on with the long runs at the weekend, ideally you would want to get in a few 20+ mile ones in before race day...your last one being 3 weeks before. For the other two runs depends on how much time you have. You could make one of them a mid length run (e.g. between 8 and 12mi?), the other you could alternate between a tempo run where you run some of it at marathon or half marathon pace (e.g. 7mi with 4 at half marathon pace?), and intervals( e.g. 6x800m where you run the 800m intervals at about your 5k pace and have a few minutes jogging inbetween). This could be done on a treadmill.

    Kev - I usually have 2 or 3 pairs on the go. I keep one pair at work...and have a couple of pairs at home..usually an older pair when the weather is really crappy.

  • Natalie- just build miles/endurance IMHOimage What does your weekly mileage look like? If less than 50, I would build that aerobic base- if more then go with 15West's suggested plan

    kev- I have 2 pairs that I alternate am and pm. Also flats for racing and speedwork. Not to mention trail shoes, xc spikes and fell shoesimage

    rose- look forward to the reportimage

    pm run done here- 12.09m in 1.29- uneventful image


  • Jason  d- 6mile done this pm 50.40...happy with that and lived to report...over and outimage

  • Hi folks, I am back again, not long to go now! How is the training going?

    I am doing 20 miler on sunday, which should be a pretty good guage as to my aspetations to go sub 3.35 this year....... 

  • Hi all, I've been off the forum a few days, some job stuff hotting up  in next few days. Awayfor this coming weekend so I was mixed up about when to fit in a long run - so as it could have been a shorter long run of 15 - I did a 12 tonight , one if my longest ever evening runs! Mostly under 19mn miling  my usual marathon goal, which I'm training to maintain fitness though I'll be running 10:40 ish pace in Chester to bring the 4:45 group home .

    Natalie as 15wst says do mix up your training, there's a 3x a week schedule here  on RW the First programme, I've roughly followed it for each of my last   10-12 marathons and reasonably flexible and I usually get round  in 4:30 ish,   

    long run , tempo3-8miles, and interval sessions


    Happy training folks 

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Morning all.

    Tempo run for me today...12mi with 7mi LT.

    Natalie...for those 3 runs the most specific for the marathon are the long runs, tempo runs help, and intervals are the icing on the cake. So if you are going to prioritise just get in the miles and don't worry too much about pace.

  • Wrexhamrob, if you're training at 19minute miles, are you sure you're going to be able to do 10:40 on the day? image

    I'm doing a 10k race on Sunday and can't decide whether to run 10k myself tonight or go and do a speed session with my club. Any thoughts, anyone?

  • 4m easy this eve , with 16m lsr planned for Saturday ..

    Jason d - thats some shoe collection my other half would be envious of

    15w - think i may well invest in another pair of trainers as it makes sense

    Bought new trainers last week ( supanovas) and not sure about them , right type but have a few blisters which I dont usually suffer with , they are right type (neutral) for me but am in diliemma whether to return or not ?



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    Nykie...I would just go for a jog if you got 10k sunday.

  • Oops image

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  • hi I've been running 12 months averaging 20-30 miles per week, I have completed the Manchester marathon and 4 half marathons since then. 8 weeks ago in Shrewsbury I pulled a muscle in my groin half way round and foolishly carried on to finish the race. I stopped running for 6 weeks and rested as much as I could. 2 weeks ago I ran the north Wales half marathon to gauge my finess. I plodded round way off normal pace but although it was uncomfortable I finished, last sat I ran 15 miles again which was uncomfortable but I completed it. My plan was to run 18 today but leg is sore again. Can anyone advise me what to do now? Can I still run in Chester or is it too close ? I was thinking of running a couple of 18s then rest for a month??? Thanks

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Rest for a month? You mean taper? If you are able to I think you should continue to increase your long runs by a couple of miles each week and try and get a few 18 to 20 milers in before race day..with last one 3 weeks before...also try and get your weekly mileage to about 50/wk. Then taper for the 3 weeks before.

    But saying that, you have been doing a lot of racing so maybe your body is a little tired and needs more rest...that is for you to judge!

  • Thanks for the reply 15 west, my aim at chester was a sub 3.30 I know that's gone now , but  with chester being my local race I really want to run it and I promised id do it for charity. With my groin how it is I can't run 50 miles a week i can only manage a long run and a 10k do u think that would be enough to just get me round chester or is it better to bite the bullet and just pull out ?

  • He he Nyke I think I meant to type under 10 min miling image

  • Phil82 I know it's frustrating we've all been there (and as you get older it happens more and more believe me) but really have a think, what's the fun of running if your in pain (and probably doing more harm).

    My advice would be go and see a physio ASAP, and then do what they say, it may be treatment and rest and miss this event (although it maybe after a couple of weeks of treatment and rest you can run again). 

    I've had to miss three races in the last year or so because of injury and I'm now pretty sure if I've done the sensible thing and dropped out of the first I probably would have been fit for the other two.

    It's hard to pull out of an event when you've been aiming at it, but better than doing more damage.

    See what the physio says.


    Good luck.


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