MBNA Chester Marathon 2013



  • funnily enough I was starting to come round to your idea and using the lucozade ones provided. Hmmm. What to do.

  • Up to you, I just know they only sell them in 20s so it seems an expensive experiment lol! It's only the price of a stamp so if you want one you're welcome to it.
  • I got some Lucozade Sport Elite Citrus Gels in Sweatshop, and tried them out this weekend in a HM. I found them quite pleasant (relatively) - a nice citrus bitterness to counteract the sweetness.


    I'm planning on carrying a couple with me as back-ups, but basically using the ones provided.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    15West/Hallam/Soozy/ss--I like viper gels-more of a liquid than a gel so easy to digest and no sticky fingers. I did use the caffeine version until I found out how much was in them and after 3/4 of them I was flying ,like I would have been after several double expressos. I now use the non caffeinated ones  supplemented by one caffeinated one at about 18 miles . Always better to have tried gels before the race as they can take getting used to-never try something new on the day.

    Senior spam/SGB -thanks- Heel feels a lot better so will try a run tonight. I may still get there.

    15West-nice 15 miler-what other LRs have you planned before the taper?


  • Halllam Blue - can you take them without water? These lucozade ones are caffeine ones aren't they?

    2old - I am following the P&D schedule, got 22mi this sunday...then 17mi following sunday and 13 the one after that. Ran a lot of miles in this training period and I am knackered. How about you?

  • Sweatshop do them?  That's great - I'll pop in tomorrow and see what they've got.  Mind you, based on 2old's experience, it sounds like I'd need to try 3 or 4 rather than just the 1 to get an idea of the cumulative effect of popping one every 5 miles or so.  Thanks everyone.

  • Am I right in believing that the only gels on offer contain caffeine.

    I've never run with caffeine - and would never touch Red Bull.  Having said that, I never have any sort of problem with tea and coffee... and can drink as much as I like without any apparent effect.

    I suppose I've got to try the Lucozade... because I hate carrying stuff when running.

    Given my apparent tolerance to any amount of tea or coffee, does that indicate I'll probably be OK.?

  • RK - I would test some out on a long run before the race if you can...just in case. Sweatshop have them apparently.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    15 West-  this time last year I did Liverpool and due to injury this year I am 300 miles behind what I did then -55june, 55 July , 150 Aug , 75 this month. I did 8 , 20m plus runs last year , this time  my LRs are 16,18 20 and 21.5 today. I'm  hoping to do another 20 early next week and a 14 and 12 after that, if my achilles holds up ,so I only risk running every other day at best. I'm not knackered like I usually am at this stage ,just frustrated by not being knackered from being able to do the miles . With your mileage and  excellent HM time you must be confident of a good time under 3 hours. What's your pb?


  • 2oldnever - well done on the 21.5 miles. How do you feel and how's the Achilles? If all is OK you should be fine to try for 3h20. The long run plans for the next 3 weeks seem fine to me. 

  • I got just over 2.50.xx this year in London. So - hoping to beat that I guess. I have signed up for London again next spring, then after that may have a break from marathons...all a bit too consuming. I always say this though at this stage of the training! For London next spring I am thinking of reducing my mileage leading up to it a bit...it's not like I'm going to win the thing!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    SGB-limping today unfortunately so will rest it and see how it feels tomorrow. Annoying thing is that it was my left one that stopped me doing VLM in April and now its the right one standing in the way of me and Chester.

    15West-great time-you'll be finished half an hour before me- trouble? with a GFA is that you keep on targeting London.You may not win but theres always another target to go for. Ive got a place in London and Boston next year -you cant defer Boston so its a choice of both or just Boston.

  • Cool. Would love to do Boston - or any of those big ones abroad...or just to go abroad really! Boston will be emotional next year.

    Good luck with your achilles.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    15 West- so maybe you wont give up marathons?-I can highly recommend overseas ones -New York,Boston,Chicago, Berlin..

  • Not giving up 2old...just might have a year off. Has been one every 6 months the last few years...so I'm always either training or recovering....wouldn't mind just racing a few halfs next year after london...I like that distance.

  • I just ordered some of those Lucozade gels from dolphinfitness.co.uk.

    I've never used them before, so can't vouch for them... but they are only 90p each, with a free delivery option if (like me) you can wait until next Thursday for delivery.  So I've only risked 270p for three !!

    As far as I can see, on Amazon, 3 gels cost 718p once you add delivery.

  • Evening all, first post in some time with new addition in Family.

    Last years Chester went well to 20 miles before double groin cramps put paid to anything resembling sensible, walked/jogged home in 4.14.

    Of 4 marathons only VLM 2010 saw me bag the whole 26.2 in one piece in 3.48.

    This years training hampered by calf issues to June (as well as a 2nd daughter!) but since end of June been building base slowly from 8 ,10, 12 up to 2 18 milers at 9.00/pace. Not a great deal of depth to mid week runs. Walking holiday in Lakes last week put paid to a 20, but intention is to 20m and 21m next 2 weekends and then 2 week taper.

    Reckon the last 10k at Chester could scupper me again with a lack of real quality 20m+ runs.

    Suggestions ladies and gents?

    Thoughts is to run for 3-55 pace and try to hold on for sub 4, what does anyone else think?

  • Hey Jez...

    Hard to say, of course, but your number 1 priority seems to me to stay in shape.  Not to risk any injury for the sake of getting those long runs in.   If that 20 and 21 mile run represent 'cramming them in', then with your history, I think that's perhaps a risk not worth taking.  They might cut a minute or two from your time, but they might risk overdoing it - and destroying your marathon.

    Consider running doing a 20 this weekend, some good easy runs midweek... and maybe 18-19 next weekend as you start your taper.

    If that means you set off at 3.59 pace, so be it. See how it goes. 

    Well, you did ask what people think! 

    Good luck.  It sounds like we'll be on the same part of the road.

  • Hey Jezebel looks like mr 'knows' above has given good advice. It depends what you want the next 2 long runs to do for you. If its confidence to get around the distance then fine then go long & slow. One suggestion is to try an 18 miler keeping slow easy controlled early, then very gradually building up pace, so that say the last 5 are at the best pace. I'd be wary of 20 both of next 2 weekends. I know it's tempting , but Ithink you'd benefit just as well from 1x 18 to 20 starting slow, and perhaps a 16 mile quality paced , again neg splitting . Yes definatly staying n shape has to be your no1 priority , everything else is secondary. Hey having a second daughter is a major life event - congrats.



  • 2nd post as iPad probs. Jez don't forget the cross training & stretching . As Tony Audenshaw says on marathon talk ' how often do you stretch ? Answer -=not as much as I should. I'm planning a poss 16 this w/e and 18or so next.id really like your sub 4 time Jez. But I'll be happy getting my pace group round in 4:44:59 image   And marathon no 27 for me 

  • Thanks for the tips RK and Rob.

    Confidence of hitting a 20 is definitely in my thoughts, but agree maybe bagging another at the 2 week to go mark may do more harm than good.

    I run to and from bus stop twice a week 2.5 miles each time, so I'll take those easy too.

    Yoga for runners once a week helps With stretching.

    Will heed the advice and look for 3.59.59.

  • Jez - I agree with Runny Knows.  I'm a big fan of 20+ mile runs and lots of them.  That said, with two weeks to go, 18 miles is the most I'd run.  I've got a half, which I may race, though hopefully I'll stick to marathon tempo, on the 22nd, and that's probably all I'll do that day.

    2oldnever - Sorry to hear about the limp yesterday; I hope it's better today.  You've got a recent 1H30 half and a 21.5 mile slow run earlier this week.  That's great.  I think you should concentrate on getting the achilles sorted, as you may just about have enough training for your 3H20.

  • Hi Jez.

    I know you can get lots different advice which can cause even more confusion, an I may be just about to add to this. I agree that doing your first two 20+ runs this close to race day could knacker you out. However a compromise for perhaps one week is to run a 18miler in the morning, then an easy 4miles in the evening. Helps you get used to running on tired legs without all that strain in one go.

    Good luck whatever you decide, and definitely agree if you feel you are slightly undercooked on the start line start very slow.
  • Jez - agree with all above. 3 weeks to go run a distance that would mean running for about same time you'd run marathon...so about 4 hours? Obviously you'd run about a minute slower per mile...so work out how long that is. 2 weeks out reduce this distance by 75%. And better to start these slow and increase speed so hitting mp or thereabouts for last few miles.

    Morning all btw. Got 6mi jog this morning. My legs are pretty achyy and stiff at moment..been a tough week after last week's half...and got 22mi tomorrow in the lovely weather that is forecast before taper time starts.

  • Frustrated this morning.

    Wanted to get up at 6 to do a medium-long run... but middle of the night disturbance with our little one led to me oversleeping.  Now I've got a 3hr drive to a hastily arranged family event (celebrating the birth of my Great-nephew, who arrived on Monday image)... so will probably not run at all today... and unless I'm ultra ultra disciplined (and rather boring), I can't see how I can get anything significant in tomorrow, as we're all together in a London hotel together... then got the long drive home.

    All after a frustrating week with work that means I've only got 10 miles on the clock.

    Argggh.  I have GOT to find a way to get up into the twenties at least.  How?

  • Hi I live in Flintshire, just wondering where's the best place to go for new trainers in the area  if you don't know exactly what  you want(rather than  ordering online). I'm a neutral arch and looking to spend £70 any good suggestions? Thanks

  • Phil, try Tri-Active in Chester thats where I go for mine when I want my gait analysing etc, they're very good and being a small local store (rather than national chain) are run by runners themselves so know what they're talking about.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    SGB- thanks- Achilles still not good so no choice but to give it a chance to repair itself. Im taking each day as it vcomes .

  • Happy to report 20.25 miles bagged this afternoon in the Kent drizzle.

    Could have managed a couple more reasonably comfortably.

    Advice followed from the guys earlier, took it easy for 15, only really managed to push the last 2 miles, but nice to know the tank had more to empty.

    Plenty of R&R for rest of weekend.

  • hello!


    Good to see everyone else is in the debating mode as it is getting close. Was aiming to get up early this morning to do last LSR but lack of sleep, mainly due to worrying about this.... earlier in the week (3 am run on Friday and 4 am yesterday) meant body wasn't listening.

    If work gets done, will head out for last 20 later, if not, will have to do 18 next weekend instead.

    Seeing a teaching colleague starting the GNR as one the 20 elite runners hasn't aided confidence image

    3 weeks today is starting to feel absolutely terrifying........but 4 years ago I ran the GNR and that was my worst race ever and if I got through that........



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