MBNA Chester Marathon 2013



  • Steve, a chap I know is doing silverstone, he did it last year, loved it. I am doi g Bath half the same day.
  • Cool. I'm doing it so that I can name drop that I've run there. I'm hoping to fully run the race, however slowly. PB is 2.30.41 chip time, so I'd like to beat that, even by a second
  • Scott I did bath last year it's a good race and the crowds are brilliant enjoy.

    Warwick half on 17th March for me.



  • I thought about the Warwick half NellyP but my accommodation option (my dad's in Warwick) is on holiday that weekend. My missus wants a holiday this year, so she declined an offer of a hotel stay
  • Yeah I suppose at some point in the next couple of weeks I better tell Mrs. P the full story about our weekend away in Warwick image

  • She also volunteered to camp out when I do the Giant's Head Mara in late June.
  • NellyP & Scott, did you do your half's? I hear the parking and traffic in Warwick were a nightmare!!! I surprised myself with a 15 min PB @ Silverstone. Now down to 2.17.07. I have a HM in Tavistock on Sunday, but I think I have a slight calf strain, so I'll be running easy/walking it

  • Yeah warwick was a good run, challenging (undulating!!!) but did a PB of 2:06:36, actually a bit dissapointed as I could have done better, in the last two miles I realised that I had lost a bit of fitness with not doing a lot of training over the last two weeks with my doggy hip. 

    But overall I finnished with a PB so should be happy really.

    Fortunately we travelled up the day before and stayed in a B & B so walked to the start and didn't have a problem with the parking but a lot of people did have problems with parking and were not allowed to start.

    Biggest dissapointment for me was the medal (I know i lot of people don't go much for medals but I like to have them) it was a plan BHF medal with no mention of the event or date or anything, very disspointing.

    Now going to have a couple of week total rest to try and get hip back in order, then planning a 5 mile in June & another half (possible Thames meander) in August ready for October.


  • Hi steve, did Bath half, 9 minute pb, I was aiming for sub 1.45, and timed it perfectly, did 1h 44, 59 seconds, talk about close, really enjoyed it, although it was cold!

    Doing Stanford Hall hslf on Sunday, so trying to taper this week.

    The first 3 miles of the race are up hill, so not expecting a pb!
  • Well done both!! I wish I could do a half that fast. 2.06 with a dodgy hip, I can only dream of at the moment and my next target is 2 hours or under. 1.45 for me is a mega pipe dream, unless I start training properly and life don't get in the way!!! Marathon training for Giant's Head starts Tuesday. Just need to motivate me to get my butt out there in the lovely Devon weather (not). NellyP, I heard the medal was rubbish. No mention of the event or distance is BAD

    Tavistock half for me tomorrow. Hilly and rain forecast, so no PB there either (unless I have a miracle run image



  • Good luck for that tomorrow Steve,

    I had a trip to physio & a sports massage this week, going to take another two weeks off to try and put this hip finally to bed then the plan is braishfield 5 m in June and Thames meander half in Aug, then the big one in October.

    Have to say the first thought that went through my mind when I finished Warwick last week was "not sure I could turn around and run that again!!!" but there is still a lot of training to get in until Chester creeps up.


  • Near miracle run occurred. 2.18.13 unofficial time. I missed my PB by just under a minute, but it was a much more hilly course than Silverstone obviously, and I walked quite a bit due to issues with my lower back. Pleased and surprised this afternoon....
  • Well done Steve, pretty good to get that close to a PB on a hilly course.

  • I'm delighted with it. Thought I'd struggle to get under 2.30 as I've not really trained for hills but I think the glamorous lady runner I ran with was running faster than I expected. Had to keep up image. I think undulating races are my thing, as at least you get a breather on the downhills...
  • Hi folks, the half I was supposed to be doing was cancelled on sunday, due to the snow, gutted as I did a 10 mile run on Saturday in blizzard like conditions, all sub 8min miles, so I would have probably PB'd on Sunday!
  • Bugger, Scott, that must have been hard to take.
  • Bit quiet on here how's everyone doing, I'm actually enjoying my time off (trying to let the hip fully recover) another week off then it's back in training again (Braishfield 5M next event for me).

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    i am starting to pick up after falling apart at spen 20   15 miles in   looking forward to Chester again    

    races coming up

    Sheffield 10k

    Leeds Half

    Eyam Half

    Buxton half

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I wondered where you'd been Compo.


  • I've got the Honiton Hippo on 14th April, Saltash half on 5th May, and the Bideford 10k on 12th May. Maybe one more to be confirmed but mostly training on my own.
  • Hi All I've entered. I'm currently injury free after many months of one injury after another. I've decided to try the Hal Higdon 3 run a week programme so that i can fit in lots of core work too. Has anyone done this programme? it's 24 weeks so starts in just a few weeks.

  • Hi folks, early night for me, up early and off to do 13.1 on my own tomorrow.

    Compo, eyam and buxton? Sounds hilly! Do you live that way on? I am in castleton for a week in june, fancy a plod?
  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    Think I will be back for my third in a row! Looks like I am going to have unfinished mara business after VLM..... image
  • Don't tell me Jason - your 2:30 marathon plan isn't going to happen at VLM for some reason (why?!) so you're going to give it a shot at Chester instead.....?! image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Hi all.Ive signed up! Did Liverpool last year in 3.09. Is Chester a faster course? Do we run on the race course? I used to do that in the early 80s when I lived there-do they cut the grass short?

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    Acp- lol!
  • Signed up for Chester. Aiming as close to 2:45 as possible..

    Ran a 1:19 in recent HM ..
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Gulp- looks like everyone doing this one is sub 3
  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    Doing Manchester Leeds half then Chester this year
  • 2oldnever wrote (see)
    Gulp- looks like everyone doing this one is sub 3

    As this is my first marathon don't think I'll be ;ooking at sub 3 image

    I'll be more than happy to finish in sub 5, so don't worry 2oldnever you'll be well ahead of me.



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