MBNA Chester Marathon 2013



  • It will be my second. My first was in Jan, although I've done a few halves.

    Provided you've trained for long runs.
  • NellyP, I'm not going to be sub 3, nowhere near, unless we have a decent summer & I get some training motivation. My first marathon is on 29th June in Dorset, and it's up, down, up, down & repeat for 26 miles. Time limit is 7 hours, so I'll be delighted with 6.59.59!!!!!

  • This is my first marathon so I'll be hoping just to finish!

  • I did my first marathon training run this afternoon. 40 mins steady, and I didn't die. Onwards and upwards
  • First run this evening after my 3 week rest (as recommended by Physio, do I get a gold start for doing what I was told for once!!!), couple of miles felt good to be out again, hip held up ok, but fast (about 1:30 below training pace). I've always had a problem with training too fast so obviously need to get back to practicing running slowly.

    Good to be back.

  • Tim- I ran a similar half time last September -1.19 but pn the very fast Lake Vyrnwy course- which translated into 2.49 at Chester- but was struggling from 12.5m with tight hamstrings in both legs- out of the blue! If you are in 79 shape now, sure you will be able to train down to sub 2.45 by October- all being well. Best of luck with it!
  • Heard good things about this one , worth the trip up from London?

  • Just wondering like Kev10 is this one as good as people say?


  • Just received an email from Travelodge saying the Chester Central Delamere Street Travelodge (where I had a room booked the night before the marathon) is closing at the end of August. Anyone else booked in there should probably check their emails: you are able to transfer to other Chester travelodges for no additional cost.

  • Hi kev and jason, I would heartily recommend chester marathon. I did it last yearand am doing it again this year. Great atmosphere and well organised.
  • Hello all,

    Just did the Brighton MArathon, my first. Loved it. Looking for my next challenge.

    I too would be travelling up from London. Is the overall experience good? Organisation, hotels etc? Is it a fast or particularly challenging course?

  • Thanks for the reply Scott - signed up today and looking forward to it , just need to dust off the trainers and start all the hardwork now. 

  • thanks scott i have alos signed up today.

    I hear it is a fast course?

  • Kev and jason, what sort of time are you fellas aiming for?
  • Barry, I found it vdry well organised. It is fairly flat, I live in the fens of lincolnshire and have todrive 15 milestofind a hill, so I know what flat is! At mile 24 there is a kick in the bo****cks of a hill, short but steep, but big crowds to get you up there. Oh, and chester is a really nice place to visit, mrs d was quite happy to wander round while iwas running and managed to see her 3 times en route.....
  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    Echo everything Scott says, this year will be my third Chester marathon ... Organisation and location is fantastic!!!
  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Is there a chance this marathon will sell out?

  • Cheers for the advice fellas - I'm in!

  • Scott , I would like to aim for somewhere around 3hr 40 marker but seem to have a love hate thing going on at the moment with this distance , did Loch Ness in October last year and came home in just over 4 hours and wasnt feeling too great even though i thought my training went ok , might have to change things up abit .

    What time are you aiming for?


  • Scott, 



    I put my time down as 4hr 30 on my entry form, but I hoep to break 4hrs.. 

  • Last year's chester was my first marathon, I did it in 3h 57, looking to hack a decent chunk off of that time this year. I put my recent half mara time into RW race time predictor and it comes out that I should roll home in 3h 35! Now that I have seen that, I am hopi g to do sub 3h 30! I must be mad!
  • VLM today- Well the perfect weather forecast went pear-shaped! Lol! Ran 2.50 which I think is a fair reflection of where I'm at allowing for the conditions. Happy enough- especially as I just found out that the pub at Paddington Station gives a free pint to everyone with a medal. Should have brought the rest of them along.... image

    So..... Got to hunt that sub 2.45 in Chester. See you all in October image
  • Well done Jason image

    Have paid, entered and started training for Chester. This will be my second as did London last year. Hope I wont be last-lol Do have COPD and it slows me a bit.

  • Well done Jason. I might get near that time for half of the GHM
  • Well done jason, I just heard from my running buddy that did london, he was expecting to do it in around 3 15, the wheels came off and he limped home in a respectable 3 46, but says it was a wsrm one!
  • I'm joining my local tri club for cross training purposes, as well as normal mara training Good idea or not?
  • By the way Stu, you won't be last, coz I'm running
  • Nice to hear Steve image

  • Last but one will be an achievement
  • After watching vlm today, I can't wait to toe the start line at chester! I wont be fast, but am determined to smash last years time!
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