MBNA Chester Marathon 2013



  • Me too actually on the start line thing. Also feeling like entering the ballot...
  • Steve, do it! Iwill se you there!
  • Not even run my first marathon yet, and that's potentially my 4th one
  • Steve, its my 40th inseptember and I am hatching a plan to run 40 races in my 40th year!
  • scott- yeah yet another hot VLM. Gutted cos the forecast was for it to top out at 12 c which would have been PERFECT. Oh well!image

  • Start marathon training for Chester next week - eeeekkk! I'm going to be following the P&D 55mile plan but I've built in an extra 5 weeks to insure against illness, injury and holidays! My long runs will also start longer as I've already built up to 16 miles over the last few months. Really hoping to lay some marathon ghosts to rest with this one! image

    Jason - sorry to hear VLM didn't quite go as planned but 2:50 still sounds pretty good to me! Look forward to following your training for Chester. image

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭
    scott dutton 2 wrote (see)
    Steve, its my 40th inseptember and I am hatching a plan to run 40 races in my 40th year!

    Scott...  how many races have you done so far?  Because I hate to break it to you, but you only have about 5 months left of your 40th year! image

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭
    I did the vim yesterday. It was my first marathon. I'm signed up for Brighton in April 2014 but I honestly don't think I can wait that long. Looks like Chester is perfectly placed right in the middle of the two! Does Chester sell out or can I leave it until much closer to the time to decide?
  • Acp- that's a long build up! image I'm going to work on speed over short stuff over the next few months. Hope your effort pays off! Sure it will if you can avoid injury/ burnout

    Hotel booked- Mill Hotel and Spa, Milton St. Apparently 10 min walk from Racecourse image Any local knowledge?
  • Jason hope the Mill is ok as I'm in there as well, looks ok from the photos etc.


  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    Are you guys checking out on Sunday or on Monday?

  • I need to book somewhere yet, but plan on checking out on Monday and then the train home
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    The mill is OK it has a great bar and Italian restaurant so you can eat well before the race. Might be good to specify a quiet room as it is open to nonresidents and gets quite busy.
  • Thanks for that invaluable insider tip, Mr P image The bar will he well used on Sunday night when I will be making the noise image
  • Jason - it is a long build up and I keep looking at my plan and wondering if it's going to be too much for my body to handle - I'm getting on a bit! image Avoiding injury is my main concern so I shall have to be very strict with myself if I feel niggles etc But I've had since January to slowly build up the mileage so I think I'm starting from a pretty solid base.

    I've decided to travel up on the day this year as staying over just makes me more stressed so I can't help on the accommodation front - sorry!

  • looks like we'll all be requsting quiet rooms for Saturday night and be the ones everyone is moaning about on Sunday night image

  • hi all,

    ran London for the second time on Sunday, slightly disapointed with 4:01:12, was looking for a sub 4 so to get within 72 seconds was a little gutting at the time.  Not sure I want to wait until next spring to tackle 26.2 again so looking at autumn options.  Id eventually like to have a go at something like snowdon or beachyhead but have two young boys at home so dont want to commit to the extra training involved in hill running (plus id need to drive to the hills around home rather than just step out the door and run) that leaves Bournemouth or Chester as the flatter options.  both a bit of money though with accomodation and travel, and the wife may take some persuading!

  • Chester is my first marathon, I work full time shifts and have two young children , me and my husband work opposite days. I'm looking for a good training plan to follow that's realistic, I'm doing Chester, Surrey badger and Bristol halfs before the marathon but don't want to over / under train as I have had shin splits from over training which have now gone .
  • Jason and nelly, I stayed at the mill last year, nice hotel, and had a massage after the marathon, not a sports massage, it was all whale music and essential oills, nice and relaxing though. Lots of runners staying there, so the restaurant had a distinct and reassuring whiff about it.
  • scott- Thanks for that!- I think!image

    Seems that I am no 1 on Run Britain Rankings for the marathon for Welsh M45s so far this year image Won't last long, but I'll enjoy the momentimage 

    Club photo shoot tonight for VLM medals, followed by my shortest run for years! - 2.43m in 19.18 imageimage


  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Anyone any idea how close they are to selling out of this yet?...toying with idea of entering....

  • 15West- good point... i haven't actually entered yet.....

  • And now I have!image

  • 15West- good point... i haven't actually entered yet.....

  • Also wondering that, not entering till IM race done and dusted


  • Entries for this year's race are more than double this time last year.  We are confident that the race will sell out, though not sure when at this stage.

    Well done to all who ran VLM, esp JD on the Welsh M45 No1.  No such glory for me but I was chuffed with my time of 3:29.

    Chester City centre accom always books up well in advance of race day.  Over 50% of runners come up on an overnight/weekend stay, so advice is to book early.



  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    can not wait for race agaimimage

  • Chris- well done, mateimage

    compo- I can! I have got a lot of work planned firstimageimage

    6.01m for me tonight in 46.25 (7.43 av) legs recovering wellimage Shame about the poxy sore throat and sniffles! Parkjog in the morningimage

  • Can I join in image. I have now booked to run Chester - will be my first marathon and very much looking forward to it - have run a few 10k's, HM's etc beforehand and feel ready for the challenge of a full one. 

    Just have to decide on a plan to follow, currently looking at Hal Highdon, but am also reading through P&D. Have been a bit of a lurker on the P&D thread and the results on there are fab.


  • My official weigh in day tomorrow, but just had a sneaky peek and it seems I have lost 8lbs since Monday! Lol! image Thought that Parkrun seemed easier! Not real though- think there was a lot of post mara fluid on Monday A more realistic 4lbs off pre carb loading weight image image

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