MBNA Chester Marathon 2013



  • Does anyone know what time the ballot opens tomorrow for 2014 London marathon? 

  • Scott- nope, but I do know that they are reassessing GFA qualifying times....

  • This was on their FB page- not very enlightening! 

    Virgin London Marathon The ballot opens early Monday morning and the race takes place on the 13th April 2014. We hope to see you all there!


  • Never done London (Chester will be my first marathon) how does the london ballot work, do you have to get in quickly or is it random once the ballot is closed?


  • Scott- someone has just told me it was open the night before the published date last year! Check it out!

  • Both Nelly- the ballot closes when they get 125,000 entries- which won't take long!

  • Cheers jason

  • Jason, are they reassessing them up or down? Should be down if you look at average times for uk male runners.

  • Scott, yes down. Rumours of bringing in line with NYC, but that would be a jump- sub 2.50 for men under 40

    apparently, worth checking the ballot at 3am.... Good luck with it! image

  • I've heard it's 3am too

    re: Chester marathon .... doing Beachy Head end of October thinking of doing Chester as a training run for Beachy Head good idea?




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  • Woody- I jave done Chester 3 weeks before Snowdonia last 2 years, same again this year. Only difference is that Chester has been a full effort which is probably worth 5 mins on the later race.... Not sure that I would run a full marathon before my main one- what gain could there be? 

  • I got woken up by the dog at 5 this morning, so entered ballot  for london then.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I can't decide whether to enter this race, ran it last year and thought it was great. Whilst training for VLM this year I kept promising myself and others that I would only run the one marathon this year, spending the rest of the year concentrating on shorter distances...but now there is a big marathon shaped hole in my life.


  • Do it 15W, you know it makes sense! image

  • Haha 15W, you know you want to image

    Currently looking at booking accommodation any recommendations from locals or those with knowledge?

  • Cant decide this or Bournemouth marathon.....help????????

  • Well, I am bloody doing it now 15W so you HAVE to.  We are family remember.  Hello all.  Sorry, your lovely thread will now become slightly ruder. Just need to enter but for some reason, the won't let me log in on the website.  Maybe they hate me.

  • Hi Lisa, you won't get closer than the Holiday Inn Express near the racecourse. I've heard it's a good example of its type, although I've not stayed there as I'm local.

  • Agree with WW Lisa, Holiday Inn in spitting distance of the start line. Seems a nice hotel too.  

  • Just signed up for Chester Marathon.....Walllllop....bring on the PB!!!!!!

  • WW and Heow thanks for the heads up but others must have had the same thought process and all booked up - b*ll**ks. Anyway booked for the City centre Premier Inn last night as started to worry that everything would be booked up if I procrastinated any longer. Just hope that I can walk back to it after finishing!

    Heow - from a bit of a lurker over on the P&D thread, but well done on your recent pb despite what you had to endure to get it image

     Joel you know you made the right decision.

  • Thank Lisa, I forget other people read other threads ha ha! I'll be doing it again for Chester but just 12 week one. 

  • I'l be doing this one. Completed it last year in a miserable 6hrs 30 after having a d & v bug the day before. Completely hit the wall at 10 miles and ended up walking/crawling the rest. Thought the organisation was superb and even in the more rural bits there was still drink stations and cheering. I definitely have unfinished business!!! Will be aiming for sub 5hr so nowhere near as quick as the rest of you image

  • Well...I'm running the half marathon in 12 days time...my first one! I ran my first ever 12 miles last night and my legs are pretty stiff today, that's for sure! Hobbling around like an old woman.  But I hope the atmosphere will get me round.

    I want to run a marathon before I'm 30...that's August 2014...so, do I enter the Chester marathon in October? So scared!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I'm in!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Vicky - see how you get on in the half first.

    A full marathon is a whole different kettle of fish though....first thing is really you need to be running at least 30 miles a week by June before starting any training plans...and after that you will be slowly increasing your mileage so by August you should be running at least 50 miles a week, with a weekly long run of between 15 and 20 miles.

    So...either go for it and take the plunge, or just keep doing what you are doing, run more parkruns, 10k's, halfs for rest of this year and then sign up for a spring marathon or Chester later in the year.

  • Go for it Vicky! 

    Good luck in your first half marathon. If that goes well then you still have plenty of time to get in shape for a full marathon. I know a lot of marathon programmes have you running over 50 miles a week, but there are alternatives out there where the mileage is much lower if that seems daunting. This suits me much better as you only do 3 runs a week, but they are all a higher intensity. I follow the Furman First programme and have recently run very good pbs in 10ks and a half marathon. I will be following the programme for the full as well and I am expecting to run a pb at Chester. If I stay injury free anyway!

    So I hope you do well in the half and then maybe give the full a go! The atmosphere will definitely help you to get through it.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    First is tough though - only three runs a week but all three are hard sessions, there are no easy (enjoyable) runs, and mixed up with that are two toughish cross training sessions. I have got that First book and have thought about using it...but haven't as yet. Just sounds a bit hard! Plus, I quite enjoy the easy recovery runs you get in P&D etc. Be interested how you get on with it for the full Neil. I have followed P&D for my last two marathons; was thinking of switching to another schedule or making up my own for Chester, but will probably end up following P&D but tweaking a bit.

  • All three runs are tough with First, but I actually doing enjoy them more than easy runs. I think i must like pain! One reason this plan is suiting me great is because i've got a one year old that takes up a lot of my time & work etc, so running only three days fits in well. Also the runs finish quicker which suits me fine!

    I must admit i've not been doing the cross training in between either, but sticking fully to the plan and paces has left me feeling fitter than ever. Will see how I go when I step it up for the full marathon!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    That is the big thing that tempted me to First and why I bought the book, time....and now you're tempting me again!

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