Post marathon blues...

Hi all,

I recently completed my second marathon (4:18 in Berlin) but in the ten days or so since the run I have been feeling massively down in the dumps, the past week in particular.

It's very weird and hard to describe but I feel a bit empty and fed up. I'm quite irritable and can't be bothered making conversation with anyone.

Just curious if anyone else has experienced similar things after working towards a marathon for so long?




  • Thats how I feel most Mondays...Eat your own body weight in Cadbury's chocolate and you'll be fine.  


  • Yeh - common thing for me. Just need to sign up for the next one and start training again !
  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭

    It's normal. After focussing on a race for so long you can feel a little aimless. Focus on the positive of doing it and as Andy says sign up for the next one!! Doesn't have to be too close ie an immediate start to training but it will give you a positive focus. You can always look for some local shorter races 10k etc to enter on the and use your current fitness as a short term goal.

  • Totally normal - do as others suggested and look for another race to enter, then you'll have something to anticipate.

  • I have to have another race on the cards to beat the blues. Its kind of like Xmas or anything, you put so much effort into one day, then its all over, and you feel happy, but still a little deflated, and a bit hungover, but instead of a headache, you have leg ache.

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