Accidents and running disasters

Was wondering if anybody else has ever made a total idiot of themselves whilst out running? I've had a few tumbles in my time but surpassed myself tonight. I managed to hit the pavement with only my teeth breaking the fall right in front of a queue of traffic. Thankfully nobody came to my aid as that would have been even more embarassing so I limped home with a face resembling Rocky after 10 rounds with Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang together. This should raise a few eyebrows at work tomorrow as most of my face is now a big bleeding graze. Luckily it happened at the end of my run which otherwise went without much incident.



  • Good grief where do I start.

    Have fallen 50 metres down a scree slope on my face.

    Have done an 8 mile off road, really rough terrain run without tripping, and then fell over on a smooth bit of tarmac in front of a busy bus stop.

    Have lost count how many low branches I've hit when day dreaming and running at the same time.  Never a good plan.

    Not exaclty an accident but have got 100 yards down the road before realising I was wearing one of my wifes vest style bouses cos I'd grabbed what I thought was my purple Child Line running vest and slapped it on on the way out the front door.  Needless to say my pace picked up on the return journey to change it before anyone notice.

    And this is all without going in to the scrapes (and bushes) I've ended up in when running canicross style with my dog.  Running + dog + assorted rabbits = you get the picture.


  • I've broken a rib tripping over some brambles and falling about 10 feet down to land on my back. I've also sustained three foot fractures whilst running in the woods - two by turning my ankle on a tree root and the other slipping on wet leaves on a mountainside. That one was during a race in Austria, I had to limp down the mountain to the lake at the bottom, was taken by motor boat to the other end and then by ambulance to hospital, where they x-rayed me, put my foot and leg in a heavy plaster case and sent me on my way. No crutches, because I was leaving Austria the following day!  Injured  my shoulder falling on ice, again running in the woods.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Two of note. Some dozy woman on a mobile tripped me up at the bus stop outside my front door. As I lay on the floor my next door neighbour came out, saw me and said "have you been overdoing it again?"

    Sometimes when I'm away from home I carry my car keys by looping my little finger through the key ring. One day I ran past a car parked on the pavement and got my key ring (little finger, etc) caught in the angle if the protruding wing mirror...ouch!
  • Sounds nasty stoshus, hope you're feeling better today, I've only had 2 falls - they could have been on a deserted trail where I usually run but no - both we're next to a busy dual carriageway. Must have caused a few laughs.

    Also caught short while running and must have been mistaken for some perv in the bushes by a passing dog walker......
  • i forgot to put my foot down once. just placed it down as if to hit the ground, but instead for some reason my leg decided to lift back and i fell on my face. tool.

  • Cheers all - feel better already now I'm not the only one! Only hurts when I laugh...

  • I was running in an area of London I didn't really know that well and was waiting to cross the road when a nice lady stopped for me. In attempting to get across quickly, I didn't realise that there were raised kerbs - I tripped and went flying to the floor in front of her. Not very dignified, but we both laughed.

  • Most of my injuries have been as a result of freak accidents... I was out for a month after (a) tripping over a speed bump and (b) straining my peroneus tripping over the edging on a playground, for example.

    The most embarrassing though has to be a steeplechase training accident, where I may have tripped on the waterjump and crash landed... on top of a duck swimming in the water jump... And to make it worse there was a tennis tournament was going on above the track and quite a few people witnessed this and I didn't have dry clothes so had to jog home in dripping wet kit (rookie error!). 

  • Ha ha! I had my first fall yesterday on a busy road in Romford, I managed to trip over a slightly raised water meter or drain cover. Fortunately I only grazed my knees and jarred my arm in falling. Some kind lady stopped her car and asked if I was alright but I just dusted myself down and carried on!

  • Whilst my daughter was just learning to ride her bike I went out with her running alongside. She went a bit wobbly I tried to stop her falling but tripped over her bike fell face first down on the pavement( and it really hurt ) and chipped my front teeth resulting in a nasty looking face and a trip to the dentist who luckily managed to fill in my front teeth! Running out on my own I've had no accidents so far touch wood!
  • I've been bitten by dogs a couple of times whilst running.

    I've got a couple of pics of mountain bike mishaps.

    The first is on my way to work when a badger tried to jump through my front wheel, I had whiplash for a month. The second is an adder bite I received after falling from my bike during a race in Milton Keynes.



  • Axeman750 wrote (see)

    I've been bitten by dogs a couple of times whilst running.

    I've got a couple of pics of mountain bike mishaps.

    The first is on my way to work when a badger tried to jump through my front wheel, I had whiplash for a month. The second is an adder bite I received after falling from my bike during a race in Milton Keynes.




    You don't have much luck with animals... I have to say, an adder bite whilst out is one of my biggest (irrational perhaps) fears as I do a lot of my summer running on sandy forest trails. Poor badger, he doesn't look happy either. image

  • I badly sprained  my ankle (we actually think it was broken but we didn't go to the hospital to get it x rayed) out on a training run when we were on holiday at Club La Santa I had to hobble the 3 miles back to the apartment - hubby bandaged me up - later that week as I was hobbling through the apartment I banged my piinky toe of the other foot off the doorframe of the bathroom - that was definitely broken as it had to be's not easy hobbling on two feet!!

  • Got a scar or two from slips on trail runs, but biggest fail while running for me was an attempted jump over a fence. Caught it with my back foot, and it was only a foot high.  I've had much worse accidents on a bike, mostly due to idiot drivers but there was one incident that would have been an instant hit on youtube. 

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭
    Nice sunny day running along the seafront and I managed to trip on my shoelace. Comedy stunt roll and landed on my back - the worst thing was that I didn't realise the cause. Being rather embarrassed I jumped up and wanted to get out of there fast only to repeat the whole thing ten metres down the road. A few grazes but the embarrassment factor was worse, I was a bit miffed no one asked if I was ok though.
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