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can anyone give me any info on this race   how the race was and how to pay the fee     tried the website but was unclear  on were it starts and finishes


  • I was thinking about this one or even Lodz, which is also in April. Would also be interested for any info, the organisation aspect has slightly put me off Krakow!
  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    I had a look at the website. The info is under the 'rules' section.
  • I've registered for this - will be my first marathon. DId Paris Half last year, wanted to do Edinburgh but had some injuries. I'm currently living in Wroclaw, which is only a few hours from Krakow. Anyone else registered? Or have experience from past years?

  • I ran it last year and am going back to ran again this year. To get into the marathon register your name at their site and then you will get an email which confirms your reg. payment is a bit of a pain though as you need to go into your bank and make a transfer of 80 polish, might be more now has we are nearer the race date? But 80Z is around ??16. The bigger cost is making the transfer with your bank which was around ??20 in Barclays for me. Let me know if you require the details to make the transfer and I will post on this forum.


  • Just noticed that pound signs have come out as question marks. So the above send 16 and 20 pounds
  • Incidentally, if anyone wants to avoid bank fees I've got a Polish and British bank account, I'd be happy to transfer for anyone with a PM (understand if you're suspicious of a new poster offering, but I hate being ripped off by banks!).

    Anyone else running this?
  • I'm also running this and also living in Wroclaw so perhaps we've past each other on long runs around the city! Starting to get a bit scared about how close it is and feeling like I've not done enough but I got up to 20 miles last weekend which was tough but has boosted my confidence a bit (despite leaving me with some niggles). Trying not to worry about time as it's my first though it's hard to know how to pace myself. Did a local half marathon a few weeks ago in 1:48:50 but planning on going MUCH slower on 28th. Good luck everyone who's running! 

  • Hi Joanna,

    It's quite possible! I usually run the road from the town centre towards the airport (not too many traffic lights, it's a good stretch from Nowy Dwor to the Airport). Have had an injury that I'm just getting over, my longest run was 16 miles a few weeks ago, so not quite to plan. Hopefully my injury will let me give it a go, but maybe a run/walk strategy and enjoying the day rather than aiming for a time.

    Good luck for the race to you image

  • My running normally takes me along the river or sometimes the big park that I can't spell (near the river!). I run with a club once a week that meets at the old Olympic Stadium. If you stay in Wroclaw and want to keep running, they're a good group and I've improved a lot.

    Sounds like a good idea to aim for enjoyment and not time for the 1st marathon. Hope the injury clears up - as I said, I'm treading the fine line between niggles and injury and hoping nothing develops in the next few weeks. This sort of training is certainly hard on the body. But hopefully the day will make it worth it!! Enjoy!

  • Whatever you do, don't use the showers!
  • I'm doing this - how is everyone else doing? I'm into taper time did 5 miles in the pouring rain today - plan on 6 tomorrow, 5 Friday 10 Sunday then a 5 Tuesday and fast 3 Thursday....nearly there

    Any idea of the weather?
  • Nearly there indeed - eek! My taper was enforced rather earlier and more sharply than planned as I developed some knee pain. I had the internal to-ing and fro-ing about whether to train and risk exacerbating the problem or not train and risk not being ready. Opted for somewhere between the 2 and replaced some runs by cross training at the gym. Still trying to decide what to attempt tomorrow morning - short run, medium run, gym or swimming??? I'm hoping I'll at least make it round ok and the knee will hold up. Trying to resist the urge to aim for a particular time but that makes it hard to know how to pace myself - it seems like you at least need to have some sort of plan and I'm very unprepared and clueless in this respect. In other words (and much more concisely than all the above!) - I've entered some bizarre taper-time angst!

    Spring has finally and rather abruptly arrived so I imagine it will be relatively warm. I'll keep my eye on the forecast. Good luck with the rest of your training.

  • Thanks - can't wait - can you pm me via here. I'm aiming for
  • Latest update I've had is for temperatures of 15-17 on Sunday. 

  • One week from today I'll be a marathoner... or a DNFer!

    Hope your training is going well, mine has certainly been mixed but had a nice 8 mile yesterday with only a little pain. 

    Might be worth giving this link to family/friends - - you can have them leave a message which I think is shown on a big screen at halfway.

    Weather is showing 'chance of storm' on Google - who knows image

  • Chance of a storm..... Deep sigh

    Did 10 last night then 3 today 6 on Wednesday then that's me

    Is the course open and then perhaps windy?
  • Hmmm....rain looking likely. Some forecasts seem to show the storms on  Saturday, some on Sunday. Oh dear! Fingers crossed predictions change. Not sure about 'openness' of course but would guess the long out and back section could be exposed?? Maybe I'll try and get in someone's slipstreamimage

    I also did 8 on Sunday and was relieved the knee was relatively pain free whilst running (though sore after). Did 3 yesterday but thinking I'll just call it a day now. Unlike other parts of my training, I'm doing very well at carb loading - getting ahead of the game on thatimage

  • Haha, yep, forecast seems to be changing daily. Would rather some showers than crazy heat!

    Two questions, maybe someone will know:

    Are MP3 players permitted? Don't like them in races, but might need a boost in places, especially where spectators are thin.

    The website (via Google Translate!) says "In order to classify the player's entire approved course of the race and finish the race in regular time 6 hours. Players who did not finish the race until 15:30 are required to stop running and can get to the finish of a vehicle with the words "The End of the Marathon"."

    By regular time, is that from the starting 'gun' or from crossing the start line. I may be somewhat close to that limit image

  • I believe (but don't quote me) that MP3 players are allowed. I've been wondering about taking mine for the same reason as you and I don't see anything about it in the rules - the only relevant section is about following instructions from officials so I guess it's expected that you can hear them.

    Regarding the finish time, the fact that 15:30 is mentioned would seem to suggest it's the gun time although again, I don't know for sure and am speculating. Maybe someone else knows for sure. 

    Feeling the nerves myself now especially as I don't entirely trust my knee at the moment. I think there are so many unknowns in your 1st marathon - how to pace yourself, how to fuel before and during the race, the pain of the last few miles etc. etc. and I feel pretty clueless all in all. Let's call it a learning experience!

  • Getting very close now! Nerves 

  • How was it - I found it tough - very pleased with 3:21:55 ish final time awaited.

    windy and hilly - very well organized 

  • Congratulations!

    I managed 4:36:42, way exceeding my expectations. I found it tough, but I was expecting it to be bad! Wind was only really an issue for the last few kms, and I was just grateful for the cloud more than anything.

    Organisation was very good, besides the km markers which could have been a lot more obvious!

  • Hello again and well done both of you! To think you were worried about the 6 hour limit russellelly!!image And 3:21:55 is fantastic other Russell!

    I am really chuffed with 4:01:36 which exceeded my expectations too. Actually ended up doing a very slight negative split because I was quite conservative in the 1st half and was feeling pretty good so kept pushing in the 2nd half. Of course the last 10k felt loooong! Of course now I have to do another one and go at least 97 seconds faster to get under 4 hours!

    Also felt it was well organised but agree about the lack of obvious markers - I was glad for my garmin to keep track of where I was. But really enjoyed it and feeling sore but very satisfied to have conquered my 1st marathon!

  • Russellelly, is that offer still open for 2014?

  • Hi Terry,

    I'm not in Poland any more, so unfortunately not. When I moved money from my Polish bank to my UK bank account I used TransferWise, whose fees are tiny compared to doing it directly through your own bank. Would definitely recommend.

    Good luck for the marathon!

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