C25K again... easier this time!!

Evening all,

I started the C25K training program again today and I have to say that after losing 2 stone I found it easier than I did last time I tried it! I am hoping for a place with Leukemia & Lymphoma Research in the Reading Half next year so I have about 6 months to get running properly. I have spent the last 6 months using my elliptical trainer and rowing machine, circuit training and losing weight, so I am reasonably fit now.

Running I know is hard work and challenging as it is a totally self propelling exercise, but I am keen to do it properly and work up gradually.

I have finally invested in some good Nike running shoes which definately support my feet and ankles much better than my old trainers ever did. I have read loads of articles on good running technique too, which I was consentrating on today, so that I run properly and don't end up having to correct bad habits!

After I have completed the 9 week C25K program I am not really sure what to do though, so any advice on getting from 5km to 13.2 miles in about 4 months would be appreciated! Or do you think I have bitten off more than I can chew?

This is a great site, and I love all the articles and advice. May be I will even meet some of you at the Reading Half if I am lucky enough to get a place!



  • I am a novice runner and I have some questions to some of the experts here.  What type of equipment would you suggest that I get?  Budget is of no issue for me and I would like to get the best I can get my hands on.  Also, what type of training program or regimen can you point me to in order to improve my running?

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  • Running is among the best forms of exercise you could ever get into. It is really fun joining marathons such as this one because not only do you get to be fit, it is also an excellent opportunity to make new friends and learn from other enthusiasts as well. I hope they have better prizes at stake this time around.


  • Blimey Bikerbabe - you seem to have attracted the spammers here!

    There's prob a couple of things you can do after the c25k ... there's a few follow on programmes that will get you to 10k on a similar run/walk principles. Or you can look for beginners training programmes for, say, a 10k then the half marathon which will take 6/8 weeks or so each, so should be plenty of time. Could you find some in between races to do to keep your motivation up? Do you have a parkrun near you?

    I should say that I'm on the same road as you having only been running since the new year and having only just got up to running 10k, but what you're wanting to do seems perfectly possible!
  • It will be an easier program if you also train with free weights. This is important to strengthen your body in an overall fashion and it will give you more stamina as well. If a fit body is what you are looking for, cardio plus free weights will do the trick.


  • I have been a runner for 3 years now and no program I think will be effective if you have poor nutrition. As for me, I make sure to have at least 8 hours of sleep everyday and wake up early in the morning for my jogging routine. I always engage in cross training and strength training to improve my performance.

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