Stupid bike tyre /wheel question...

On cleaning my bike I found a chip of glass in my tyre - I carefully removed it - inner tube intact image but I have a 3mm hole in the tyre...  Before I go out again on the road should I replace it?  If I replace it would it be worth buying some winter road tyres - rather than the smooth ones I currently have?

Also I seem to have seen / read that a turbo can eat up tyres - so is it a good idea to buy some turbo training tyres - if so how easy is it to swap between tyres - so I can change from road to turbo tyres - or is it worth buying another set of wheels???

If new wheels are on the horizon what do I buy?  What is reasonable / good to get for a road bike?

My brain is spinning over such matters - rather than my bike wheels so please help.

Thanks In Advance



  • No need to replace tyre.

    My turbo is fine on tyres - id try it first and see.
  • To repair the hole in the tyre use superglue.

    I don't use a turbo tyre. Check you are not clamping your turbo too tight to the tyre. If you do go down the turbo route get a cheap back wheel and cassette and put the turbo tyre onto it. Switching wheels takes seconds. Switching tyres just ain't going to happen.

    Having recently slid off my bike on a greasy corner I would suggest a grippy set of tyres to give you some confidence. No idea what tyres are good though as I've only ever used 1 type of tyre. My current set are just worn out. image
  • if the rest of the tyre is intact, then do as PSC suggests with glue or/and stick a "tyre boot" inside the tyre.  this is a pieces of soft dense material - some people suggest a piece of old toothpaste tube - that sits between the inner tube and tyre at the spot where the tyre is split so acts as a buffer.  I've run a tyre with one in for about 2 years before I replaced the tyre through general wear - no issues.

    I have a turbo wheel with  a turbo tyre so it's easy to swap over as needed.  inexpensive rims and a cheaper cassette kept the costs down

    winter/all round tyres that have better puncture protection are worth having especially with all the autumn debris now hitting the roads - I use Conti Gatorskins all year round on my everyday bike.  there's a good up to date review of these tyres on -

  • +1 for the Conti Gatorskins

  • a turbo will eat tyres faster than the road - use your old tyres..

    i have a spare wheel

    cosmic carbone SL are a good 'entry' level 'proper' wheel

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