Thursday 11th October 2012


Yesterdays lyrics: 'The only way is up' by Yazz.

Todays lyrics: 'All this feels strange and untrue.'

What:Morning, 4,5M Fartlek, Hard session.

Why: My Thursday session and has been for years.

Creature of habit as you know.Drizzly, cold, no wind.

Catch up time soon

Coffee calling

Back later.


  • Morning

    Blisters: Yep tri wetsuits are tight and rip easily be careful putting on and off, mine is much looser than it was thanks to losing 9kg! 

    What: Easy splash at lunch time, maybe 1.5K

    Why: easy Day

    Last hard: last night 6 x 1k off 2 mins all under or just over 4 min/K in very high humidity, it was horrid

    last rest: sort of today


  • Morning.

    Hope it goes well today Alehouse.

    Glad no one was hurt and the car seems mostly ok OH.

    Blisters - body glide and baby oil will be your friends. Top tip is a carrier bag over each hand/arm and foot/leg as you put it on - makes it loads quicker.

    My right knee seized up last night, much better this morning but it did make me realise that even though I've only been running short distances I have run three days on a row.

    What:          swim or rest
    Why:           see above
    Last hard:    imagining a successful marathon
    Last rest:     7/10

    Lyrics - no, though I'm sure I should again.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Morning all,
    Blisters - Good luck with the wetsuit. I'm assuming once the sixpack is fully defined you'll dispense with the costume and swim in just the speedos to show off that body?
    OH - glad there is no major damage
    DD - well toughed out session
    Yesterday - another steady jaunt: 6.35 miles (50:30)
    Today - 4 or 5 tempo at lunchtime
    Why - probably U11 coaching tonight

    Have a great day

  • Morning!

    Don't know the lyrics, but that line sums things up for me today!

    What: fasting followed by drinking lots of water
    Why: 10 o'clock tests...will report back if I know anything.


    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • What:run with group this evening
    Why: It's Thursday
    Last Hard: the block wall!
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: as usual no idea

    Bit of work with glass paper and spray can and all is restored (provided you don't look too closely)

    Dustin - Speedos is the way to go (even without that 6 pack!

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Alehouse: best of luck
  • Morning

    Haven't been on in a couple of days. So Tuesday was resisatance work for back and yesterday was the same but for chest.

    What: Spinning class straight in to a 1.5 km run at lunch. Then hour swimming class tonight.
    Why: Can't get enough at the moment!
    Last hard: Monday
    Last rest: Sunday

    Lyrics: Nope

    Hope everyone is okay? What have I missed?

  • Morning again!
    Well that was largely a waste of time: did not have the tests that I was told I was having but an ultra-sound scan to check my kidneys were functioning properly, and they are, I'm pleased to say. Back next Thursday for the tests on the prostate, so another week of worry and the Achilles op that I organised for next Wednesday is to be postponed yet again. Will try not to mention my ailments until next Thurs!

    Thanks for the kind wishes!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Oh bummer, ale image. The worrying is one thing you could do without.

    Blimey, OPR - you really can't get enough!

    OH: glad the car didn't take too much of a beating. Imagine, if it had bumped into another car ...

    what: a 35 minute hobble
    why: I just had to
    last hard: Sunday
    last rest: Monday - Wednesday
    lyrics: no

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Alehouse - very frustrating for you. What was the thinking behind the kidneys tests?

    A very steady 7.3M for me. I was contemplating an LSR this morning but my quads were feeling very stiff and sore - probably due to a few rather quicker than sensible efforts over the last week.
  • I went to see an osthepath this morning.

    She pulled and pushed, snapped and cracked, and pressed buttons. She reckons that cycling is my problem - curving the back is making things a lot worse for me.

    Maybe it'll be staying URM, and not UTM.

    For the last few days i've been in severe pain - couldnt walk, stand. Indeed lying down is bad enough until a comfortable position is found. Then it starts again - result no sleep, nighttime TV and good doses of "deal por no deal" etc!!! Painkillers kicked in big time this morning. Patience now required in big doses!!

    Chick - no need to rush back!!!!

    Ale Keep safe man!!!

    LMH - taper super madness??

    Blisters - I took my wetsuit back as I thought it was too small - the fella in the shop (who had no bias as he had several sizes in stock) thought if anything it was too big. Closing Zip was a big challenge but eventually it goes on easy enough. Body glide (or also a thing called tri glide) is good. The tri glide is a spray - if you get this be aware spraying over smooth floors - the answer is dancing on ice at home!!!

    Still no training here until things settle - then it will be swimming first followed by running - cycling is something I need to think about!!




  • Sorry to hear that Alehouse - how frustrating.

    Paddy - is it worth investing in a bike fit? Retul or something that will really look at the specifics and hopefully eliminate the problem angles etc? Unfortunately the knee is visibly swollen though much better for being elevated last night and kept moving. It's not been right since I fell off the bike and I've missed the two appointments I had with the smt - one due to my fall and one due to her suffering concussion after coming off her horse so I'm well overdue which might have been enough to push it over the edge.  Have an appointment for Wednesday though I'm trying to get to see her on Monday.

    Despite the rain holding off until well after I'd left work I was very restrained and just swam a mile - obviousl that I've been out of the water for a couple of weeks, much slower than I was but can hopefully address this after Abingdon.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Thanks guys, for the wry smiles and the follow up helpful advice. Yes I have seen the poly bag trick, and the original package came to the fore! The supplied cotton gloves were crap, but proved to me that they had never been used. I only chose the size of wettie once I had seen a tri colleague pour himself into his Orca S3, and with me helping to work the zip up the back. It's impossible to do on your own if the sizing's right.
    I'm a little disappointed with Bodyglide. I've got the thing in a pop up like a large Pritt Stick. I remember getting a freebie at London Mara once, which was an actual anti-rub gel in a sachet. Blimey, that was like liquid PTFE but I can't find reference to it anywhere. It was by Bodyglide too.
    D-Dave, if you've lost 9kg I'm sure that all your clothes will be falling off you.

    Right. It's Hissing down, and I've found a time slot to get a bit of training done. I hate winter rain.

  • ale: Sorry to hear about that news today.

    Paddy: Hope you get better soon.

  • Baby oil works fine Blisters and is cheap and safe on the wettie.

    Enjoy your training time Blisters.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Alehouse Ah the NHS at its (not very good) best

    Blisters getting out of a drysuit with a rear zip can be almost as bad. My daughter has still to forgive me for travelling back from a one way kayaking trip on the bus in a drysuit. Apart from the bus driver there was no one suitable to unzip me (just old ladies and young girls)
    "But Dad there might have been someone I knew on the bus!"

    A very slow 5 miles tonight lagging way behind the other 4 in the group who'd come out on a gray cool night. Is this delayed post marathon lethargy? or have I just klost my mojo with need to administer a self kick up the @rse?

  • Blisters - only tried to put on a wet-suit once! Not easy.

    alehouse - very frustrating, but good to know your kidneys are fine.

    Little Miss Happy - hope the knee settles down soon.

    Paddy - you don't sound too healthly either!

    What: Ran 11km easy Wednesday. Thursday morning mowed the lawns, and then as it is school holidays at the moment, decided to take daughter and gdaughters out for lunch.

    We ended up going to a West coast beach after our lunch. Two year old wasn't up to walking much, so there was a lot of carrying involved. Of course she had lots of energy once we got to the beach! It was fun, though very wind-swept, she loved getting wet, and being out in the elements.

    I was going to do a 10km, but got home too late, now I feel like I'm either getting a cold or have some sort of allergy going on. Always a problem with lawn mowing during Spring.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Ale - how frustrating.... I feel for you, canot be good.

    What - 5.25m with Jnr
    Why - Easy Run day
    Last Hard - Tues
    Last Rest - Last Fri

    Take care

  • NZC, you can come over here. I'll mow your lawns and play with the  kids on the beach.

    I did go out for that run. After much prevaricaiton, (detected by the wife), I cracked out a "new" rain coat, about 5 years old. It was horrid weather that got worse. The coat was a bit warm but shed all the rain straight down the rest of me. To be honest I just zoned out and puddled my way home. 8.3 miles at pace of 8:10m/m. Not quite the big run in the autumn sunshine that I'd hoped for.

    So that was two "athlons" in one session.

  • What: 4 miles easy

    Why: Last run before marathon on Sunday

    Last hard: Saturday 6/10 - 5k PB

    Last rest: Wednesday 10/10

    Lyrics: Yup, love that album.

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