Running 5km

For a women is running 5km in 23-24 minutes a bad many weeks will it take me to get down to 21-22 minutes, if i did the appropriate training.


  • why is that a bad time? i know plenty of slower runners. 23 minutes is a good time no matter age, gender or anything else. how to get a better time? how long is a piece of string? there are many training schedules depending on your own effort to help reduce your 5km time. its about speed sessions mostly, check out some training schedules online


  • td43, posting the same question on different tabs/threads isn't necessary.

    However, it's all relative.

    23-24 is awful compared to elites, but is amazing compared to couch potatoes.

    It depends how long you've run, how much training/mileage/specificity you've put in, and what your potential is.

    If you've run for 20years, hardcore mileage, expert coaching, and are 47 years old, your ability to improve will be miniscule.

    If (more likely), you're a newbie, who hardly trains, most likely you'll improve hugely at first.

  • I just recalculated and found out Ian was right. I had taken away the number had first thought of twice. Doh!
  • Brian. wrote (see)


    No that is the answer to the ultimate question.

  • Of life the universe and everything. I think 5k's come under the latter.
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