Training for an Ultra in December but Can't Run. Help!

Hello all. I've a 50 km coast path run at start December and literally cannot run at all due to a broken big toe (freak laundry accident!) 2 months down the line. I'm now able to cycle daily but struggle with X-trainer and rowing as both still hurt. If anyone has any bright ideas or can point me in the direction of a cycling training plan that might help it would be much appreciated. Thank you!

All the best, Tom



  • Sympathies. How about swimming or aqua-jogging? Re. cycling, I think I remember reading that you need to cycle three miles to be the training equivalent of running one mile, but I've no proper information for you.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Well if you cannot run, then you're not going to be running a 50km coast path are you.

  • Tom, unless you have a good background of running to fall back on then you are going to be pushing fog up hill trying to train for a running event without any running.

    Is the race Dorset CTS? If so, I would seriously reconsider toeing the line without having run for over 4 months.

  • If you Cant run at ll now.....unless you were doing high mileage for a long time prior to the broken toe then I would say......forget it.....2 months off is hard enough at this stage......why not just concentate on getting the toe fixed.....2 months off must have been a nasty break
  • I have been out on bits of the course and it is good fun, challenging but not going to kill anyone. Some typical coastal path. I have not seen the whole thing but I will be down there racing it this time.

    Well, if you have a good understanding of your fitness levels through previous training you will be best placed to make a call but I don't think you will find an effective way of replacing running completely as training for a running event. Other activities are good for complimenting it or aiding recovery but I don't believe they can be used as a full time replacement. I would suggest you do whatever you can that is pain free to keep yourself in some form of training and prepare yourself for a tough day out adjusting your race goals to suit your fitness on the day.

    Good luck with your recovery and hope you make the start.

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