Amsterdam Marathon Hotel Accommodation Available

I have booked hotel accommodation in Amsterdam for the night of the 20 October. The night before the Amsterdam Marathon. I had intended to run the marathon but unfortunately owing to injury(plantar fasciitis) I cannot take part. I am therefore looking to sell my hotel accommodation and I am open to any reasonable offer and a lot less than you would normally have to pay. This is a luxury hotel right in the centre of Amsteram.( It is no longer possible to book this hotel as it is fully booked. If you are interested and want more info please let me know. This is a genuine offer for any runner without accommodation.




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    You haven't said how much you paid, how much you want for it, what the room is, is it a double? Single? Triple? Is breakfast included?

    Maybe add some more info for people image
  • The room is a double room. I am asking £80 which is what I paid a year ago at a special rate. If you look at Amsterdam hotel prices you will see this is a real bargain.This hotel normally charges two or three hundred euros a night. It does not include breakfast.The hotel looks out over one of the main canals and is only a few minutes walk from the central station.



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