Treadmill running

I want to start running but I have small children that I can' leave alone and can't always get a sitter. Can the beginners schedule be on a treadmill for the times I cannot get out in the fresh air.


  • I use the treadmill a lot, it fits in with my week, and as I don't like running alone in the dark it's a god send. I always try to get out into the fresh air if I can, but running on a treadmill is better than not running at all I think image

  • Jo, yes it can. Raise the treadie up 1 notch to better simulate real running and vary the pace so you don't get bored. Don't do everything on the treadie as it is easier than outside which would lead to a big shock I you did the whole schedule inside and suddenly appeared on the roads in 3 months time.
  • Absolutely Jo, better to do a treadmill session as a substitute than none at all.  Even if you add a 1% gradient, you'll still find the transition to outside running a bit of a challenge to start with as way your stride works is appreciably different - the ground doesn't drag your striking foot back when you run outside!

    But think of the cardiovascular benefits, which are obviously just as good as what you can get outside, so long as you do similarly structured sessions. image

  • I've done most of my running over the past couple of years on a treadmill and when I have gone out on the road my times have mirrored what I've been doing on the treadmill. Granted, on a treadmill you aren't faced with wind and rain or undulating gradient, but it's safe and convenient. It actually makes running outdoors seem like a treat when you get the chance...
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