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I want to start running but I have small children that I can' leave alone and can't always get a sitter. Can the beginners schedule be on a treadmill for the times I cannot get out in the fresh air.


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    Its worth getting outside if you can, but a treadmill is still a valid way to get the miles in.

  • Thankyou I will start tonight.
  • Jo - I did most of a couch to 5K type programme on the treadmill. It makes it a bit easier in terms of where you finish.  I was never quite sure where to go to ensure that I didn't have a long walk home.  Definitely try to get outside sometimes as the treadmill can be quite boring and it is a tougher outside as you have to deal with a less than flat surface plus the weather.

    All the best. Remember it takes time to get used to running so try to persevere when the going is tough.

  • Absolutely. Usual advice is to put the treadmill onto a 1% incline to slightly increase resistance because inside you're not getting wind resistance.

  • Thanks again. I've just started training at my local athletics club as they have sessions for families which is ideal for me as I can take my son who is loving it. We do a variety of exercises for two hours twice a week which is helping with my core fitness and has made me realise how unfit I have become. So to help me reach my goal of 5k run next year I thought that in between these sessions I could use the treadmill but people have told me to stay away from treadmills. My thoughts are something is better than nothing. I really appreciate you all taking time to reply.
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    Jo, do what's best for you.  A lot of people will say stay away and get outside but that's not always practical.  I used my treadmill a lot when jnr was first born and Mr worked in London so I didn't have childcare. 

  • I bought a treadmill just recently after my normal running routine was disrupted by work/ family commitments/ dark nights etc. (the usual stuff). I thought it would be boring but I can honestly say its been great fun and gives me a more intense workout in a shorter time than running outside. Don't get me wrong I miss the fresh air and the countryside but as a form of exercise it's great. AND the most important thing is I can fit in 20 to 30mins anytime, even if it's just me and the kids when my wife is out. It's very convenient.
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