Tamworth 10K


Does anyone know whether I can still enter this on the day? I've only just found out about the event.



  • Im not sure Upsy, I will try and have a look for you.

  • It says on kp event site that you can apply on the day but you have to be there early and there is a risk that it may be full up.

  • you'll have no prob's imo

  • Thanks! xx
  • hope to see you there


  • Been there at 09:00 ... Appears to be plenty of spaces.
  • Anyone think the course measured short? My Garmin got it at 9.78kms and somebody I spoke to after had it pretty much the same. I know they can be slightly out but not sure I can count it as a P.B.

  • Mine was out and I spoke to a few others who also said that theirs measured short too. All had varied distances so not quite sure what it came out at. Bit of a shame because I had a P.B too!!


  • my garmin said 6.21 miles but there was the same comments last year, I got a one minute pb and as far as i'm concerned that's what it is.

  • Wounded! I thought that I had run my first Sub45 10K! It is a real shame if it is less than 10k as was a nice course to run.

  • My wife measured it at 10.19km. I am sure it is 10km.
  • Great. I will count it as a P.B. then image

  • Maybe it's just not a good GPS area. I'm more than happy to take a PB, they're hard enough to come by as it is!image
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