Sore feet

Been running 3 times a week since July and now stepping the distance up to try and do a 10k but after about 4k the bottoms of my feet start to hurt and my toes go numb I have just changed trainers to Pegasus 29's this week and although they are better for all my other lower leg pains the sore feet & numbness of my toes after 4k is still the same :0( any suggestions ? I'm 44 by the way and in to my 4th month running.


  • Have you had your running analysed to check you have the correct shoes? Numb and sore feet is often the result of restricted blood flow in the foot, usually caused by shoes that are too small or laces being too tight.

  • I'm doing a 5k on Saturday I will try with laces not as tight and see how it goes thanks

  • I bought some new running shoes recently, and the shop (Sweatshop) assistant told me to go for half a size bigger than I usually wear, this has had a big impact on reducing the footpain that I used to suffer with.

  • My Running Shoes are a Size 7 and in most shoes i'm a Size 5.

    So maybe you just need lots of room in your shoes.  I know it's daft sounding having that big a gap but it works.

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