70.3 Entry

I know a majority of IM 140.6 events sell out within minutes / hours of them going on sale, frequently 364 days in advance.

Therefore it surprised me to find that there appears to be no information for Antwerp 70.3 (2013) available on the internet not even a “sold out” banner.

Since the 2013 calendar for European 70.3s has only recently been announced, perhaps a different mechanism is in place?

Can someone with experience of this process enlighten me please?



  • Antwerp 70.3 is not on the ITU calendar this year.

  • That would explain a lot, thanks Cat.

    It does, however, surprise me since I've heard it's well regarded and enjoyed by many for being a relatively flat race.

    Any recommended alternatives for PBing?

  • yep - Antwerp got canned last week - had it's licence withdrawn by WTC for some reason.  likewise no Galway 70.3 either although that's not definite according to the WTC press release   IM Regensburg is also out for 2013 as WTC couldn't agree dates with the local authorities but they're hoping it's back for 2014.

    as for a PB - does it have to be IM branded??

  • Really surprised about Antwerp as I did the 70.3 there in 2011 and thought it was really well run and organised (although there was a death but I can't see that the organisers could be held liable for the mechanics of it and the race did run in 2012)

  • FB, I have become a sucker for the commercialism.

    Although I enjoyed Outlaw this year (it was well organised and went off without a hitch) it did not have the same "shininess" of IM Florida (and the Outlaw medal was an absolute embarrassment to the 140.6 achievement).

    I do rate the Vit very highly but I believe 2013 is already full!

    Please do share your suggestion(s) and I'll investigate but IM brand remains my preference (until convinced otherwise).

  • bar Antwerp, most of the European 70.3s are fairly hilly,  although the one in Norway is "relatively" flat I believe.   there is an IM 70.3 Berlin in 2013 - and if the Berlin marathon is anything to go by, that will be as flat as a witch's tit so a PB potential

  • How flat exactly would that be FB?image

  • Is the Austria 70.3 fast?

    I'm off to Klagenfurt next week image

  • ainsleysdad wrote (see)

    How flat exactly would that be FB?image

    exactly?? no idea - course hasn't been published yet... image

  • IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)

    Is the Austria 70.3 fast?

    I'm off to Klagenfurt next week image

    Austria 70.3 is Polten, not Klaggers - that's the IM venue.   Klaggers is a lovely place though - enjoy

  • Sorry FB - I meant a witches tit rather than Berlin image

  • Berlin Half - oooh that's got my attention. Looking for a 70.3 to do next year.

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