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Hi all,
I seen a similar thread and thought it would be good to start one for the tri people.... It might help with people's motivation during the winter months.

What: 45mins on Ski X-Trainer
When: Thursday lunch time
Why: Less impact than running. Slight strain in shoulder after last nights swim.

Last Swim: Last night with club
Last Run: Tuesday 5mile threadmill
Last Bike: Saturday 2hrs easy
Last Rest: Monday.


  • Good idea

    What : 2hr zone 2 run
    When : Thursday Lunch
    Why : week 1 of base 1 core session (long run)

    Last Swim : Monday (2500m continuous)
    Last Run : Today
    Last Bike : Monday (30mins Turbo)
    Last Rest : Weds
  • What : absolutely bugger all
    When : all week
    Why : 24hr event :)

    Last Swim : Sunday (dunno.. coached session)
    Last Run : Sunday (half marathon)
    Last Bike : fortnight ago (ludlow tri)
    Last Rest : now
  • what: 2 runs 50 mins (am) and 75 mins (pm), 1 bike ride 120 mins after pm run
    when: said that, dummy
    why: base training - run to the station and back (detour on the way back!) and I have to go out cycling with my new super-lamp (see other thread)

    Last Swim: yesterday
    Last Run: this morning
    Last Bike: yesterday
    Last Rest: never! or Tuesday if weights-only counts as a rest
  • Thats a big day for mid week andy

    Your way ahead of me .... but still pleant time before Florida ;o)
  • doing the two runs 4 days a week Will (generally on one random day I sleep through the alarm and have to go on bike/car/motorbike depending on how late I am)

    with a backpack full of stuff, too!

    not cycling much though, relatively speaking - maybe 2 x 1.5-2.5 hours midweek, 1 lsd @ 4-5, hours weekend
  • actually its not 'lsd' - doing everything at 145-150 hr for now, so its just 'l'
  • I'm looking to do the opposite - lots of cycling less running - I'm too heavy to run a lot, so i'll use cycling to build my base
  • I'm following the guidlines ing Joe Friel & Gordo Brynes new book
  • fitting it in with work... the run to the station works, and is reasonable training, whereas its only a 25 minute cycle (yes I could do a detour and spend the same time on the bike i know, but i'd just stay in bed)

    i could fit some more 1-hr bike sessions in i guess on other nights, and on lsd run day (or, 'l' run day)
  • Going to do the Luton marathon (Dec 7th) to keep the interest up during the winter. Swimming down to 2 sessions per week bike down to 1 long ride (off-road MTB) per week plus 1 spin at the gym.
    Running currently 30 miles / week will ramp up to 50 over next 6 wks.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    nice one guys, you sound pretty fit to me.

    i dont deserve to put anything here as ive been pigging out on booze, fags, bags o chips and take aways all week. put a lot of weight on.
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    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    ironbloke, im doing luton too. you done it before?
    Endurance Coach @ DazCarterFitness.com
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • Daz
    No, but I know it is a 3 loop race (combined with a relay). My club are entering a team or two but I decided to go the full distance. I believe it's also the Beds and Herts county championships.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    its our (civil service) champs as well, one of reasons why im doing it. not to win anythign you understand ha, just to get some fees paid :O)
    i hope it's scenic
    Endurance Coach @ DazCarterFitness.com
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • Civil servants will be good in relay - cos they do everything by committee ;o)
  • and i thought 2 laps was bad.
  • done a 45 min recovery walk this afternoon to loosen my legs up after the eailier run
  • What was that? To the pub and back Will?
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    will, they would be if they werent huge. thats the prob with sitting on your fat arse all day! :O)
    Endurance Coach @ DazCarterFitness.com
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • RM - No to collect my car from it service and part with £160 :o(
  • What: bed
    When: Mon, Tues, Wed
    Why: Feel like death warmed up, suffering with flu.

    Last Swim: Last Wed with club
    Last Run: Last week sometime 5mile
    Last Bike: God knows
    Last Rest: does illness count as a rest??

    At least in the last few days a few things have come to light. Sorted out next years training plan and goals. (Still waiting to hear 'bout HIMUK or not??) Also gonna do my first marathon, Belfast, kinda mental stepping stone to a IM in 2005.
  • What: cycle 30 miles
    When: Mon, Tues, Thurs
    Why: cheaper than getting train to work, and have no money!

    Last swim: gawd knows, about a month ago
    Last run: 20 Sept, running section of AR
    Last bike: yesterday
    Last rest: today, bliss.

    I think commuting counts as training...
  • Only little bits compared to some of you but:

    What run 5.3 miles
    When Tues night
    Why club handicap race (got best time for 18 months since showing a new guy the route!!) --also tapering for Beachy Head Marathon

    Last swim this am (but wanted to put running up top!)
    Last bike 6 days ago in gym
    Last rest Sunday + Saturday

    Isn't tapering frustrating!!!!
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