London marathon. Where's best for spectators

I know it's some months away but I like to plan ahead. This is my first marathon. I'm so excited. My wife and two children (7,10) want to come and see me at least at one point on the course if not a couple of places. Anywhere from mile 13-20 would be great so I can grab a banana from them. We will be staying in Leicester sq. does anyone know where will be good for them? Ie close to a station (tube or DLR) and not too busy so they can get there only half hour before my expected passing. Cheers Rich


  • My running club nearly always finds a spot on The Highway in Shadwell - you get to see them coming east from Tower Bridge then back west after they've gone round the Isle of Dogs. 

  • Come and join the runners world group at Mudchute DLR.

    It's close to mile 17, just the point where you need that banana, also not far from an ASDA (with cafe and loos), and we will make them welcome.

  • bermondsey station is good but gets busy .Shadwell is a good call.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    My wife stood exactly very near the 13 mile mark and I managed to see her with no problems when I did the race. As others have said, as a spectator you see the runners go in both directions. Also, there is a garage nearby with loos and food/drink etc.
  • Thanks for the advice. Looks like shadwell or the 17 mile point. I suppose I'll be needing the lift of seeing them at 17 miles.
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