Hi, just wondering if anyone can help. I always use the same trainers, but each time I get a new pair the first couple of times I run in them, I get a pain in the ball of my foot, sometimes right, sometimes left.. If the pain gets bad, I take off the trainer mid run, and rub my foot, then it's OK for another couple of miles and starts again... After a couple of runs the pain just goes... very odd.. answers on a postcard please.. ha ha..


  • You may just need to break your trainers in a little. Do you first runs in them at a slower pace and for a shorter distance.

  • I always (unwisely) go straight into doing all my miles in the exact replacement of my current shoe (Mizuno Wave Inspire). By the end of the first week, the tendons on the top of my feet are always a bit sore. Basically just because a new shoe is stiffer than the old one (obviously) and is more work for my feet to flex. If I had alternated the new and old shoe this might not have happened. Either way, it's not the shoes' fault.

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