fat buddha Bike advice please

I think your idea of a cheap wheel and cassette idea and turbo trainer - my current bike is a 2012 Trek 2.1



What wpuld be a good combination to run?  Or would I be better upgrading my wheels for something better and use the current ones as turbo ones?


You advice is much appreciated.



  • I recently bought a cheap Shimano wheelset - rear one for turbo use, and front one to replace a knackered wheel.  They were Shimano R501, cost £72 from Ribble (RRP £129). Seem fine so far.

    Cassette I got was a 10 speed Tiagra, again from Ribble, for under £20.

    Stuck an old worn out tyre on rather than buying a turbo tyre.

    You could upgrade your wheels but it'll cost you a lot more than £92 image

    Now - what does fat buddha think...? image

  • I got a cheap wheel fom decathlon stuck a cheap cassette also from decathlon and the least knackered tyre from the pile in the garage
  • Ohhh got a Decathlon opening up next week near me... 


    Dave - will any cassette do?  or should it match the rest of my set up?

  • needs to be a 10-speed to match the chain sizing and gear changers.

  • and the colours need to be the same

  • BWT - depends on your budget really.  if you have the dosh to get a decent pair of wheels for the bike, I'd do that first - the ones on the Trek are pretty basic - and use the current ones for the turbo

    otherwise, any old cheap wheel will do as long as it's sound and the hub wil take the right casette.  it's not going to take the hits that a road wheel will so it doesn't have to be a great rim.  

  • fat buddha wrote (see)

    BWT - depends on your budget really.  

    Thats just a load of rubbish - the colours have to match regardless of budget. First rule of being a proper cyclist - the kit must look good. FACT

    Second rule of cycling clearly includes juicing up on a regular basis.

  • "Second rule of cycling clearly includes juicing up on a regular basis."

    actually the 2nd rule is "Lead by Example" which I guess amounts to the same thing....image


  • The rules: http://www.velominati.com/the-rules/

    Edit: great minds and all that...

  • it's about the only thing I can beat you at these days Ferret......  image

  • A very cool read. I'll be in the workshop, adjusting the angle of my QR's and making other rule-adhering mods image.

  • very funny - yet serious.

  • The only good thing in The Rules is the Greg Henderson quote:

    "Training is like fighting with a gorilla. You don’t stop when you’re tired. You stop when the gorilla is tired".

    The rest of it is just homoerotic nonsense image

  • homoerotic nonsense??  my word - there's an interesting take on just a bit of fun....

  • homoerotic nonsense in the same way that sport is homoerotic nonsense, and boxing is homoerotic nonsense, and war films are homoerotic nonesense and everything that blokes like is homoerotic nonsense. Next thing you'll be saying that the beach volleyball scene in Top Gun is homoerotic nonsense, FFS image.

    Shut yer fat trap, you!

  • Ha ha ha ha

    I break dozens of these.. .

    But then i am not a roadie
  • Oh dear! After riding behind Coach for much of last Saturday I know he breaches #53 :-/
  • fat buddha wrote (see)

    homoerotic nonsense??  my word - there's an interesting take on just a bit of fun....

    Oh well, my wind-up failed... image

  • Arrrhhhhh   their are rules of cycling...

    At least their isn't a rule - Thou shall not fall on the bike will still attached to pedals...  Or I would have broken it now 6 times!!!!


    I am not sure I am any the wiser...  No idea if

    Shimano 10 Spd Tiagra 4600 Cassette 12-30 - Cassette

    Shimano Pr Whls R501 30mm Bladed Spoke Clinch Bk 9/10 Shim would work on my Trek...

    Or am I better to spend more ???  How much more to improve the wheels I have already? - Can Improve the rear wheel on its own?  If so to what...


    Or if http://www.decathlon.co.uk/rear-700-wheel-cassette-id_8005016.html would do the job - and if so what cassette would do!


    This biking lark seems to technical to me!  The day I start to understand it is the day I think like more than an Oly Tri is a good idea - and then probably shoot me!


    Thanks for your help so far...  And the rules worry!  But then did read in the rules - about no swimming before and running after...  So does that mean I can disregard them?

  • Depends if you want to be a bikealist and hang with bikealist friends.

    If not you can hang with Triathletes and discuss the new carbon coat hangers you got so you don't interrupr your recovery too much when getting changed.

  • The decathlon states 7/8/9 cassette not a 10. So if current set-up is 10 then no good.

  • The R501s would be fine but they aren't likely to be much of an upgrade and the Tiagra cassette is worse than the 105 supposedly provided with the bike.

  • M..eface - I was just going for a cheap wheel / cassette combo to be able to leave for turbo.


    But no idea what a reasonable upgrade wheel / cassette would be so that I can make a cost judgement!


    This bike lark is a new discipline!  I think Trathlon is 5 not 3!  Bike talk and mechanics is number 5!

  • M..eface - http://www.wiggle.co.uk/shimano-ultegra-6700-10-speed-cassette/

    would this be an upgrade to my current cassette?  Would it work on my bike?

  • yes Ultegra is 1 up from 105.


    105        £39.99    240g for an 11-27
    Ultegra  £49.99    230g for an 11-28

    105 in my view delivers the best value, weight saving of ultegra just don't justify the price difference. Dura Ace will save you 40g for another £80, or remember to take a dump before the ride!

    But boh are 10-speed Shimano. Beware that if you pick extremes of cog ranges you may have to change your change length. Bike will likely have a short cage derailleur and may not manage to cope with 11-28 but an 11-27 should be fine. If you have 11-23 currently you may find that chain isn't quite long enough to use an 11-27 without adding links. Basically it just won't go onto the biggest ring on the back if you are on the biggest ring on the front. But then you shouldn't be cross chaining like that anyway (but I do sometimes)


  • M..eface thank you for the advice, and putting up with my muppet bike questions, so far wheels ordered and on there way...


    The bike came with a 12-30 set up - so not sure if this is good or bad?  guessing 11 means I can go a little faster wihout pedalling like a mad thing to get my cadence up (I struggle with that - or maybe I am just lazy!) and 27 means that going up hills will be a bigger challenge?

    And I currently never manage to get to big ring / big ring as there is strange and rather of puting clicking - I am guessing something is rubbing / gear of the front chainset.

    And 10g weight saving...  I think I could save 10lbs if I stopped treating myself after each ride!

    All these numbers after the Name is just mind blowing, 4600, 5700 6700...  I had not a clue.  So thanks once again for your time and advice.


  • According to the spec it did and a 50/34 up front. And yes 11-27 would have the effect you described. So you are learning!

    I would be suprised if a short cage could handle a 12-30 span. So it could be you are reaching the limit of the chain length and the rear derraileur is almost flat. You can check this when off the bike. Lengthening would allow you to do this but then would probably struggle to absorb the slack in 11. The clicking is probably the chain trying to change up but failing as it isn't long enough. So don't do it - but then you chould have dropped the small ring earlier anyway.

    The pic looks like a short cage - I am presuming it doesn't have a long cage. Look at your MTB or a pic of one and look at the gaps between the two jockey wheels on the derailluer.

    The numbers are jsut to confuse people, make it look technical and make you think a 6700 must be better than 5600.


  • M..eface - you have been an absolute Star...  I have set up my new wheel this week and given it a spin on the turbo...

    Not sure I am going to like the turbo BUT...  it will hopefully reduce my excuses not to get on my bike over the winter so thank you.

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