Nike Lunarglide toe slippage

I've been running the Nike Lunarglide 3+ now for a few months, and have to say have found them great....but. The weather has recently slumped and I've now done a couple of sessions in the rain. I'm finding that when I'm up the tempo, particularly during a hill effort my feet are constantly slipping. I pretty much have to slow downto try and keep my footing. The increase in speed is obviously accompanied by me learning into my toes more, and seemingly there Just isn't the grip there. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it my gait, or is it Just a design floor? It's a shame because I've loved the shoe until now. Can anyone suggest either a resolution to poor grip, or an alternative shoe in the same style I could try?


  • Think every shoe is the same.

  • ive run in nike lunar3+ for over a year and i love them. i think as said above when it gets to a certain level of mud or rain any shoes is going to slip to some degree. ive run on pretty much every surface in my lunars and find them fine. the only one that was the trickiest was wet leaves on tarmac! avoid !  thick mud, wet grass, sand,cobbles,snow, all fine!  i stick to the lunars purely because they are lightweight and fairly  flexible but you could try the trail version of nike i guess if weight or clumoiness of shoe isnt an issue for you???

  • Yeah good point on the leaves, it could well Just be that. Before this they've been the best shoe I've ever had, so will definitely stick with for now. Tempted to trial a paid of New Balance 890s tho....
  • i have been looking at similar shoes to lunarglides, umming and ahhing over trying saucony or brooks or kswiss racers but i keep going back to lunarglide3 as i think they are great too-only problem is i really like the black/yellow combo and i cant find them now in the kids make! have got a blue/purple/white pair now but kinds prefer black lol.


  • I got the black yellow from debenhams of all places, and only ??54!
  • ooo must look! last 2 pairs i got that were kids were £27!!

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