Waterproof gear needed.... recommendations

After training in the rain last night, and getting drenched through to my underwear, I think I need to invest in some waterproof stuff. I would ideally like a jacket and some socks.

I have a cheapy hi-vis jacket from sports direct that is showerproof, but after last night it was damp on the inside. Aldi have some winter running jackets at the minute for £20, so I am tempted to try on of those. Alternatively, does anyone else have any alternative suggestions? A hi-vis one would be useful, then it can serve two purposes.

I also would like some waterproof socks to - are the only ones available sealskins?


  • If you wear completely waterproof kit then you would be soaking wet from your own sweat.

    And waterproof socks still have two great holes where you put your feet in ?

    Being warm is the key.
  • Depends how long you intend to be out in it I suppose. The Aldi jackets probably arent that breathable - this goes for all fully waterproofed stuff - so you'll end up stewing in your own sweat after an hour or so.

    You could try nikwaxing your showerproof jacket - should only cost about £5...

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Sportsshoes.com have free delivery and 10% off at the moment.  They also have a deal on the Montane Featherlight jacket, which is a good jacket....here  £30 (-10%) is a good price for this, I think.  I've seen it sold for more more recently (£50+?).  Montane gilets are also good.

    Edited to add that these are not waterproof, but they are windproof.

  • Was down at Aldi yesterday and the weatherproof jackets are a bit on the heavy side, but at £20 who can argue. I settled for one of the showerproof / windproof tops for a tenner.

    Could you really run with zips fully done up and a hood to keep dry, if not the rain will get down your neck in no time. If you don't find it too warm a buff round the neck can soak up some of the rain and allow you to have the collar slightly more open. You will still end up wet on the inside from sweat, as we build it up quicker than breathables can get rid of it.

    I favour my montane litespeed which I wear for all sorts of activities. waterproof-ish, windproof and weighs just 6oz. I wear it for walking, cycling, running and all sorts of other times. Best £50 quid I have spent on clothing for years.

    I have sealskinz socks which I wear for cycling but they are a bit shapeless and I think I might get blisters if I ran in them. They are several years old so newer ones might be better shaped.

    Just about to head out the door for my run and it's chucking it down. First thing I will do when I get back is have a shower - amazing what you look forward to when you are already wet ! Maybe if the rain was as warm as a shower we wouldn't complain.

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    I bought one of those Aldi jackets yesterday. Haven't used it yet and as hrhb says it is a bit heavy but for that price can't complain.

    I do like my running and I'm not put off by foul weather but there are limits ... about an hour is as much as I want to do in heavy horizontal rain.

    Past experience of cheapo rain jackets is that they're okay up to a point, which is enough for me. I'm unlikely to get the use out of a £100 jacket - if it's time for the 2 hour-plus long slow plod and it's pissing down sideways it can wait for a day.

  • I wont be out for an awfully long time. Last night I was doing about 20-30 mins of circuit training at my local playing field, which I do once a week or so, so just looking for something to keep out the foul weather if possible.

    After the socks as well as it took about 2 mins on the grass before my feet were soaking. Got a xc run coming up soon, and I do not want to be running around with wet feet on that image

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    For a half hour or so you should consider a gilet (unless you have circulation issues to the arms). Or even a bin liner ... knew a bloke who did that, it looked odd but worked for him and was cheap.

    As for xc without wet feet ... well, good luck with that one! image

  • For the feet: just Vaseline your feet before putting your socks on. Doesn't stop them getting wet, but does keep them more comfortable (I didn't get any blisters with Vaselined feet + twin skin socks in the M'cr Marathon, where it was pouring the whole way).

    For the jacket, you get what you pay for. Montane stuff is good, but not cheap - you're paying for quality and low weight. As indicated above their Featherlite Marathon jacket is great - windproof and showerproof (and in bright yellow). They also do a very good waterproof and quite breathable jacket, the Minimus, but thats £100.

    Might be better to try the bright yellow jackets from e.g. Aldi - if they turn out to be all you need, then great. If you decide you need better, well, you've got spares... Windproof/showerproof may be all you need now, but when it's colder, something that's more waterproof (and breathable) can make all the difference between a cold, wet, miserable run and an exhilirating run.

  • I think I will call by Aldi on the way home, and hope they have some left to look at. I definatly don't want/need to be spending £100 on a jacket - I wont use it enough to warrant that amount of cash. £20/30 is realistically want I have to spend on something I wull use (realistically) only sporadically. I have some of the Aldi running socks, and for the price, they are fantastic!

    Last time I did any xc my shoes got sucked off in a ginormous puddle and I had really soaking feet then!


  • wench02: Accept it - you're going to get wet feet. If you really hate this, then consider the Sealskinz - but they're not cheap! Otherwise, have dry socks & shoes ready to put on afterwards (and a towel for drying the feet).

  • Maybe I'm just a whimp but I love my waterproof jackets, I have 3! A Gore one which is older, heavier and less breathable, I tend to only wear this in the cold now! a Montaine Minimus which is nice and light and fairly breathable and packs away small but the hood is huge! And lastly an Omm Kamleika smock which is fractionally heavier than the montain minimus but I prefer it, it is slightly stretchy and the fit is much better it also has elasticated cuffs and thumb loops!

    As for my feet I only go for the sealskinz if I am running in snow, anything less cold and I don't mind the wet feet! I also wear them over a thin pair of normal socks!!!

  • Being a glasses wearer, my Lowe Alpine goretex baseball hat is my most useful item in the rain. Just come back in from my run in heavy rain and barely a spot of water on my glasses. Also there is something about keeping your head dry that makes everything else being wet a bit more bearable.

  • touie2: I don't consider myself a wimp, but having been on the edge of hypothermia after running Greater Manchester Marathon NOT wearing a waterproof, versus having been perfectly comfortable in my Montane Minimus jacket (and the Featherlight pants)on 1st January in pouring rain, I'll go for wearing a (breathable) waterproof over being cold, wet and miserable...

  • Does anyone have recommendations for lightweight, breathable waterproof overtrousers? I was going to go for Montane Minimus pants - but they only make them in men's sizes and size small has a 30 inch waist - I'm a small size 10, so I think they'll swamp me image. I need to carry these for Lakeland 50 next year, whether or not I end up needing to wear them, so I'm looking for as lightweight as possible. I have a pair of Rohan overtrousers which come in at just over 200g, but lighter (and with lower leg shaping) would be better. Minimus would have been under 120g...

  • Debra I have children's north face resolve trousers! I haven't used them for running but they are comfy to wear, have good waterproofing and aren't too expensive! Size l is about a small 10 but depends how tall you are I guess!!!
  • I'm only five ft 2, so those might do the job! Hm... Can't find them online at all in children's sizes.

  • Bad time of year as everywhere has their ski range in, I got mine from snow and rock but I think they've sold out! Trekk inn has them but I haven't ordered from there before also outdoor kit or can order straight from the north face
  • I've gone for Ronhill Trail microlight jacket - very lightweight, showerproof but not sure if as breathable as it promised. Decided on it over Minimus Featherlite as comes with hood. Maybe made a mistake. Then again I must wait to test it in colder weather
  • Found the Montane Atomic pants for under £60 inc. postage, so I've ordered them. Still  bit irritated that they don't do the Minimus pants in women's sizes, but hopefully the Atomic will work reasonably well.

  • My wife bought me an Inov-8 Mistlite jacket as an early birthday pressie.


    It's very warm & seems to be waterproof, as I tried the sleeves in the new fountain in Wakefields BullRing.

    It packs down to 'bugger all' & even had its own straps, so it stuffs into its own poekt turns into a bum-bag (with extra space too!)

    My only gripe;
    It's black!!, not a good colour, even with the reflective piping that it has
    Why they didn't produce it in red/orange/yellow is beyond me.............

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