FFS - ANOTHER new LD tri


I do think that the UK race market is getting a bit crowded with LD events now - this will be the 3rd announcement this week behind the UK Ultimate and The Anglian ones...

I can't blame the organisers as there is clearly a market there but is it big enough to sustain them all??  

don't think I'll bother getting Sagaman off the ground...image


  • If these new boys are to make it they are going to have to put on something a bit special to compete with the big brands and established names

  • Now that one looks a toughie...............was there only 2 or 3 in this country when i started doing tri 4 years ago.there must be 15 nowimage

    TC is going to knackered if he is going to try them all

  • no apparantley this will make it 17 image

  • It's a point to point - how would you get back? Wouldn't want to do that at all, even if I did do hills ...
  • I've ridden some of that route and run a fair bit of it too. It is evil in places though at least it looks like you don't have to run from Ringstead to Lulworth.

  • Sagaman LOL

  • They are like buses image

    At one point we couldnt keep one on the calendar (Longest Day) Ironman is deffo the new marathon image
  • Looks like another slog-fest. Slow, hard and miserable. I don't typically like to sound like KittenKat, but she sometimes talks sense. What's the fixation with creating events so grim that the best we can hope for is to "survive" and crawl round, rather than race? I'd rather feel like an athlete than an explorer. Not for me this one.

  • "What's the fixation with creating events so grim that the best we can hope for is to "survive" and crawl round, rather than race?"

    but that's the interest for many of the "been there, done that" persuasion - it's another challenge to be ticked off.

    remember, back in days of yore, doing an IM was thought to be an impossible feat but it's the equivalent of the R4L these days for many.  it's like many runners who've done a few marathons now stepping up to ultra - "how far would you like to run sir? 100Km, 24hrs, 6 days around a track??"   that last one is a new one btw....

    there will be a market for them initially but how many will continue will have to be seen.  

  • I know what you mean STIL, although it is still possible to race these events, you'll just be slower.  They do seem to be trying to outdo each other in terms of 'toughness'. 

    What else do we expect though when we've had people on here refer to Outlaw as a 'beginners' IM, just because it's a faster course than some of the others?

  • fat buddha wrote (see)

    6 days around a track??"   that last one is a new one btw....  

    I met a little old lady on the train to VLM this year who was into those.  I think she regarded me, merely doing a marathon, as one of those namby pamby shorter & faster types...

  • Why the FFS FB?

    Surely choice is good and if this is the buzz event at the moment then it must be good for the sport and anyone involved.

    Is it not good buisness sense as well, like Seren says if there was still only three or four events then they would all be full and it would getting shouts like the VLM entry threads.


  • Iafter a few years i would get cored of doing the same course year in year out trying to get a faster time............i would like courses that are differnet just to keep me training and fit...........i just think that these new ones will have a hard job setting up with so many....i would love to have a go at one ion 2014


  • I'd think that last leg is going to be pretty lonely !

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