Routine before a race

What are peoples general routine the night before a race and on the morning of the race?

Is their anything you eat or do?

I have my first race in the morning so any tips will be helpful.


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I pin the race number onto my shirt the night before and lay out all my gear ready for the morning, just to make sure theres no last minute panic trying to find something.

    I also make sure I drink an extra pint of water during the day before to make sure I'm hydrated.

    Other than that, I just try to relax as much as possible (which isn't easy for the bigger events!)

  • Thanks, how do you cope with the pressure of the race when it starts

  • Dont worry about that...after a mile or so you will have run off your nerves. Trying to keep it steady in the first mile is the challenge, don't let the nervous energy make you run too fast. What distane is your race?

  • Its a 10k race at rotther valley near sheffield

  • Just eat as normal in the morning at least 2 hours before (personally I eat 3 hours before). In 10k's its important you don't go out too fast or you will suffer over the last mile or so. Keep it steady at the start even though you will feel like going faster, gradually increase your pace throughout the race and finish strong. Good luck and most importantly ENJOY!

  • old me, not even think about the race, eat whenever, wear whenever, get to the race, stroll around a bit, run hard from the start, finding it very hard in the first mile. Rest of race wondering why I'm putting myself through this, before a huge finish resulting in 5mins lying on the floor. 10mins later wondering what race to do next.

    these days me....

    • decent sleep 2 night's before
    • nervy lack of sleep night before
    • pack all kit night before
    • up 3 1/2hour before the start time
    • eat upto 3hours before race start, always toast and weetabix
    • get kitted up/sort entry pack out
    • 3mile warm up ending with strides
    • race as hard as you have on the day

    Simples image

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I pin my number and get my gear and kit laid out and packed the night before. I make a particular effort to print off the train timetable and directions off Google maps.

    Standard breakfast a good 3 hours before the off, to avoid gut ache during the race.

    A particular concern on the morning is to make sure bowels and bladder are emptied image

  • Muttley wrote (see)

    A particular concern on the morning is to make sure bowels and bladder are emptied image

    Always THE most key thing to take care of pre race.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I really don't get nervous before a race.  Running's a doddle on the nerves, compared to the one-on-one combat of judo I did as a youngster.  In fact, as above, if there is one thing that pre-occupies me before the start, it's whether I've timed my last piss optimally.  image

    Night before/morning of the race = same routine as any other weekend, don't get pissed the night before, and make sure there's a good 2.5 - 3 hrs between breakfast and the start gun.

  • Thanks all for your messages. Did my first ever 10k race. I set my self a time of 1h10 mins as i have 1 lung. I took your advice on preperation and it worked wanders. I got to the start line and decided to stay at the back and not get carried away. I then found my self a women runner with a nice bum, helped with the motivation, LOL.

    I had the urges during the race to sprint but i kept cool and enjoyed the pace i was running. Before I knew it i was on the home straight with 3 people ahead of me and decided to bolt it to the finish line. I left them standing which felt good as i didnt realise how much energy i had left.

    I finished the race in 55mins and a cheering crowd which felt amazing. I now have the bug and racing the kirkstall abbey dash next in November, 3 days before i turn 30.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Oh yeah - and follow a woman with a nice bum.

    Good work fella.  image

  • Nice one mate. Also works with fit blokes with nice arsesimage

    My (belated) advice would also be to do with poo and wee, mainly.

  • Well one Gareth, sounds like you paced it well. The competitiveness starts now as you have a time to beat. Good luck and keep enjoying it!

  • Do Tai Chi, naked infront of the mirror prior. Prepares mine and body, especially seeing my trained body move.image (as in Die Hard 2 baddie scene, where Col. Stuart gets ready)

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