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I have been running for anout 10 years and in the last 2 whilst living abroad in Germany upped  my running to about 80-100 km per week. Watched my diet got healthier and lost pleased with my self going from 77kg to 55kg. Moved back to the UK to new town of Halifax and I found running a nightmare on the roads there! lept getting lost! and despite doing alot of hill running found the terrain here hard and rather trecherous.

I went out about a month ago and fell smashing both my knees which left me completely immobile! worst fall ive ever had, felt such an idiot, not a fast runner either only abour 9/10 minute mile. Knee cuts have gone and the actual knee cap itself has heeled but below my right knee is a lump (was the size of a golf ball) but less now, left just still bruised and tender to side of knee. I just thought a couple of weeks rest..been using the exercise bike which has helped stop knee from seizing but pain still there and its been since 3rd sep i fell, hard going up and down stairs and sitting for too long.I ran once but after effects not good. Im scared to go to the doctors incase its bad and im told DO NOT RUN AGAIN. (silly I know). One worry is I will put on all the weight I lost but cant seem to do a long workout in one hit on exercise bike so over course of a day burning about 800 cals in 200 intervals. Is this any good..pointless will results only be by that intensive one workout burn? also advice on my knee please. image


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    There's a load of differnet tendons and ligaments packed into the knee joint, so no one can give an accurate diagnosis over t'interweb.

    If you still have a lump after a month, then something is not happy in there and the longer you leave the higher the risk of it getting worse (and taking even longer to recover).

    I know how you feel - I ended up leaving mine to heal naturally for 3 to 4 months, always saying it just needed a couple more weeks.  But it wouldn't heal and eventually I went to the GP.  To cut a long story short, I was out of action for nine months whereas it could have been as little as four months if I'd gone to see my GP in the weeks after the injury.  

    If you can still move your knee, its unlikley to be anything severe enough to prevent you running once you've received the suitable treatment.  

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    PS Don't worry about continuing exercise to keep the weight off.  You may be better off watching your calorie intake and giving your knee some rest until you get a proper diagnosis.

  • Trouble is without using bike my knee seizes up and is more painful? am watching my calories ( always do). but will try and get to a doctors on monday.

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    I had a really bad fall and ended up with mild ligament damage around my knee.  Physio helped: (a) to get the initial swelling reduce and (b) to ensure that I was strengthening the appropriate muscles so that I didn't end up out of kilter.  I'd be very surprised if you are advised to never run again, but you can always get a second opinion if the doctor is that gloomy!

  • If you can't run, swim  (front crawl though if your having knee problems)- It's the best form of exercise if you are injured as the  water surrounding your body acts as support around the joints  as well as  providing resistance to give you that work out you need!

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