10mile race the week before half marathon

Hi all - doing my first half marathon in 2w (run to the beat). Aiming for just under 2h, training gone well so far but takes my legs (calves and knees) a while to recover from the recent longer runs (20km atm).

Have a 10mile race booked in 8 days before which at the time I thought would be good prep but now thinking I should flake it to taper.

Any thoughts?


  • If its any help I decided to do a 14 mile practice run a week before my last half as I hadnt had chance to do many long runs in recent weeks and it helps me psychologically to know I can do the distance.

    It did tire me but then I deliberately did very little in the week between and got a PB by 2 mins at the half because I was well rested - I think.

    I would do the 10 but not push yourself - if that is possible?  ie think of it as a good training run.

    So much depends on how experienced you are.  My son - young - ran a 11 miler on the Thursday before the half on the Sunday - it just suited him - and he was fine at the half.  You wouldnt see that in any training programme!

  • Hi Vicky,

    I've got the same problem as you but the other way round! I am running the Amsterdam half marathon next Sunday and then running BUPA Great South the Sunday after which is 10 miles and I am wondering how I will recover in time! 

    I think you'll be fine as long as you take it easy on your 10m run. Maybe in the week inbetween do 1 or 2 really gentle runs just to give your legs a stretch and get the blood flowing to help with the recovery, I think you'll be fine image

  • should be ok. I am doing run to the beat too and im scheduled in for 9 miles the week before. 10 should be fine..just take it easy.
  • ok I did the 10miles, but did it at my race pace (I couldn't help myself ..... lesson learnt). Now 4.5 days later my calves are still sore as hell, Tried to run last night but was too painful so stopped after a mile. I have 3.5 days until the half marathon ... anything I can do to help speed the recovery. Ice ... deep heat ... get someone lovely to rub them .... anything else?

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