Is there a specific type of trainer to simulate a slight decline?


For a long time I suffered from Shin Splints until i ran on the treadmill on a slight decline. This solved my Shin Splint issue and I can run for miles and miles pain free. 

I want to starting running the roads but I cannot as the shin splints kick in and I cannot run any longer than 10 minutes.

I was looking to know is there any trainer that can simulate running in a slight decline? Would a a type of insole be recommended?

Many thanks for your advice and help.



  • A women I know suffers a similar problem Paul and I told her to try running off-road,  6months later her shins are fine and her LSR`s are 15+ milers.... might be worth a try.. image

  • Shin splints is actually a generic term for 'ow my shins hurt'. You need to get to the bottom of why you have shin splints and find out what is going on to rectify the situation.

    Go see a good physio.

    For now, run much slower, run off road, run on the flat - avoid hills as much as you can.

    Stretch before and after you run - a good set of dynamic stretches before you run and dynamic and static stretches after. Focus on specific stretches for calf and achilles. Massage and use a foam roller.

    A physio swould probably be checking your flexibility, your muscles are probably quite tight.

    There is some evidence to suggest that you engage your muscles in a different way when running on a treadmill than running on the road. This obviously varies from runner to runner and is more pronounced for experienced runners.

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