No train during Nice-Cannes Marathon 2012

Be careful, due to works on the railway line, there won't be any train between Nice and Cannes from November 1st to November 4th included.

Some buses will be available for runners, please consult the marathon website here:



  • Christine, thanks for the warning!

    It looks to me like there are only two buses going all the way back to NIce - one at 11.00 and one at 15.00 - surely that can't be right? 

    It also seems to suggest that the buses are only for runners, and not spectators, is that correct?

  • Hi Wilkie,

    These are special buses for runners ONLY as indicated on the Website. Tickets are sold when you register and I guess you can buy a ticket when you get your bib the day before the marathon.

    Other people can use regular buses (line 200)  from Nice to Cannes (and back). They are slow as they stop many times but this is also an option to go back to Nice after the marathon. A timetable is available here: 

  • Thank you - are there really only two runners' buses all the way back to Nice, or have I misunderstood that?

  • I'm not sure because it's not very clear on the website (be it in English or in French) but in my opinion (and I hope I'm right), all buses between 11am and 3pm will have their final stop in Nice, some will make just one stop (in Antibes) and other several stops before reaching Nice.

    I also think there will be several buses each time but I don't know more at the moment.

    I'll try to find some more info and will post them here.

    We were all surprised by this "new" organisation.

  • Ha!  Glad to see badly-scheduled engineering works aren't unique to the UK.image

  • Hi.  Buses from Nice to Canne on race day - what's available for supporters?

  • Regular buses from Nice to Cannes (and back) for supporters, line 200,


    They go along the RN7, stop many times and are slow and often crowded image


  • Thanks Christine, I suppose the only other option is a taxi-very expensive though.

  • I tried to use the 200 bus Christine suggested to get to Cannes - but the driver said that the buses were only going as far as Golfe Juan (despite saying Cannes on the front), as the road into Cannes was closed.

    The only other option was to take the 200 bus to the airport, then get the express bus from the airport to Cannes.  This costs €17.50 each way!

    The organisation of this was appalling.  There was no information - Christine has provided more information on here than the organisers, or the bus company provided anywhere. 

    I felt sorry for the bus driver too - he was getting it in the neck from angry passengers.  It was not impossible to drive into Cannes, the express bus (and other local buses) were doing so, so why couldn't the 200 take a different route into Cannes?

    Failing that, given the circumstances the organisers could have put on some buses for supporters as well as runners.  They could have charged, people would have been happy to pay a reasonable amount.

  • I'm sorry to hear that Wilkie. Between Golfe-Juan and Cannes, it's very complicated for the bus to take another road, it has to go through the hills and I'm not sure it is even possible.

    One of my friends payed the shuttle fare before knowing it would be a bus (just like me by the way. I didn't use it, couldn't get a refund nor give my ticket to someone else since it was printed on the bib).

    Once she arrived in Cannes, there were no shuttle back to Golfe-Juan (they stopped only in main towns) so she walked back home, 5 more km!

    The fact is that the organisers were provided with this information quite late to organise things well. At least the buses weren't late for the departure as I feared.

    Hope you enjoyed the race anyway! All the rest was really good and I'll be there next year too!

  • It's not likely to be an issue in future, but it was very, very frustrating on the day.  Not least having to pay €35 to get to Cannes and back.

    The English have a saying: "where there's a will, there's a way".  Basically, if you want to make something happen, you can.  A shuttle between Nice and Cannes for spectators could have been arranged if the organisers had wanted to. After all, they managed it for runners.

    They should talk to the orgranisers of the Marseille-Cassis race, who successfully arrange buses every year for their race.

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