Wednesday Session

Hooray me first today.
what: 7 mile threshold run, 1 @ 8.30 mins, 5 @ 7.15 min per mile and 1 @ 9 cool down.
why: speed sessions are good for you.

Come on everyone, it is a lovely day out there.


  • Really good club run last night, 6/7 mile kept up good pace, might go for a swim tonight to loosen up.
  • It's not lovely where I am. It's still dark and wet and windy. Good day to be stuck at work.
    What: Rest day.
    Why: Tapering. And working pretty much constantly until 10pm.
    Last rest day: Monday.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
  • what: half hour xtrain
    why: legs are still stiff from windor
    tonight: short 3 miler with the missus (if not raining)
    last hard day: sunday
    last rest day: monday

    Sounds like you've got your plate full v-rap!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Did 30 minutes reasonable jog last night and tried to run on grass as much as possible ( a first for me) .

    Today : gym with limited speed session
    Why: still tired from the weekend, but I've got a 10k on/off roader on Sunday
    Last hard : Sunday
    Last Rest : Monday
  • Did a speed session last night - 5M total including 800m at 7min/mile, 400 at 6:30, 200 at 6:00, 300 at 6:00, 400 at 6:30 and 600 at 7:00. Yes I did us a treadmill set at 2% incline. I also used my monitor so each effort went to 90-95% with each recovery coming down to 75%. Very pleased with myself.

    what - 4m steady 60-70% MWHR
    why - recovery from last night but still fast enough for the training effect
    last rest - Monday
    last hard - tuesday

    I've taken on speed sessions in the last 4 weeks and am definitely seeing a big improvement. Very happy fat man.
  • Morning , don't know where Sarcy1 is, but like Vrap it was very dark / wet this morning where i am.
    What - 5 miles, (2 easy, 1 steady, 2 at 10K race pace). Quite tired.
    Why - first week i've moved up from training 4 days to 5 days. See how it goes.
  • what: X-train or short speed
    why : still suspicious of knee so want to mnimise distance/aid recovery (poss 10 miler on sunday)
    last rest: yesterday
    last tough: sunday
  • Weather still holding here on Merseyside, but the forecast isn't too encouraging.

    What: either: tempo run 4.1 miles at 6:10 - 6:15 pace approx
    or: acceleration run over 5 miles - 1st mile 6:40 pace, 2nd 6:30 etc so last will be at 6:00 pace

    Why: First faster session since Sunday race & first tempo run since last Wed

    last hard day: Sun
    last rest day: Sat
  • Well done on your speed sessions Mij; at least with a treadmill you can be very accurate with pace.

    What: 5 miles steady.
    Why: borrowed from Vrap's schedule for the GNR. How do you feel about the run Vrap? Are your folks coming along to support?

    Last rest: yesterday, unless you count 20 min jog with kids.
    Last hard: Mon.

  • Hi all. Did 5m club run last night and felt good considering it was first longish run since the Robin Hood. Still having a few knee probs though..d'oh!

    What: either swim or gym but not decided what yet.
    Why: easy day following run yesterday and Mr RR is out this evening.
    Last rest day: sunday
    Last hard day: hardish yesterday
  • Afternoon all,

    What: 9 miles including a pyramid speed session (400m, 800m, 1600m, 800m, 400m - all with 200m recoveries) x 2
    Why: Speeeeeeeeeeed
    Last hard run: Monday
    Last Rest day: Yesterday

  • PB try sandwiches - they will probably digest faster that way - the kiddies I mean.
  • What: 1 hour and a half on the eliptical thingy - boring
    Why : sore foot so off running for a few days
    Last rest day: Monday (although I did walk round Loch Muick - so not really rest)
    Last hard day : Sunday

    It's a beautiful day here & has been all week far!!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Lovely day here too, but I won't be running. I want to, but my blister took on gargantuan proportions yesterday to the point I could put no weight on the foot at all. Some attention with a sharp object and kitchen roll, followed by mediswab and antiseptic cream and a large dressing have improved matters a lot, but I don't think I'll be able to run for a week or more.

    At least I can walk now though :-)
  • Kiddies for lunch...nah, you've got me beat there, PB. I couldn't manage a whole one.

    Are you all set for the GNR, Laura? I've no doubt you are since you can throw off half-marathons on impulse. I'm more ready than I would have dreamed of when I started running again three months ago, and hoping for faster than 2:30. The family are going to be in the area, but Kevin is being babysat by my sister's mother-in-law and I'm planning to send the others off to the seaside.

    Nessie, sounds like you're well on the mend. Beware - post-marathon blues will strike tomorrow (though what I attributed to post-marathon blues after London could have been PMT).

  • what : gym session. 10mins step machine. 10 mins running on treadmill. 20 mins swimming. Doggie walk.

    why : ran out of steam yesterday and didn't go.

    last hard day: today
    last rest day: yesterday
  • Afternoon All
    PB – are you not going to rest your left leg as well ;o)

    What : Lunchtime swim (drills)
    Why: Keeping to 1 session a day until GNR

    Last Rest day : Sunday
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Evening all, back to work today. Couldn't justify another day off seeing as I'd run last night & in the pouring rain!

    What:10 miles steady run. I did a time trial last night that was a pb for the course in 18.45 for 2.7 miles. Thought I'd take it easy tonight and it did feel no more than a steady pace, yet I did another pb for the course. It's a shame my target 1/2M wasn't this weekend.

  • Greetings All,

    What: 21 mile bike at lunchtime
    Why: just about dry enough and certainly warm enough.
    Last hard run: Yesterday, looooong fartlek efforts.
    Last rest day: Monday
  • Finally got out just as the rain was getting heavy - but at least there was no wind.
    Did the acceleration run:

    end of mile 1: time: 6:38 HR 150
    end of mile 2: time: 13:08½ HR 153
    end of mile 3: time: 19:27½ HR 166
    end of mile 4: time: 25:38½ HR 172
    end of mile 5: time: 31:34½ HR 178

    so more or less managed the planned schedule of 6:40-6:30-6:20-6:10-6:00

    Didn't have much left by the finish - rest tomorrow methinks.
  • Mike S - have you got a flash watch. I want one (Venom had one at windsor and I know my time for every mile!)...
    What: 1:10 run including 35 mins mixed fartlek - 2 hills, a variety of flats, 4 more hills etc... A Very good session indeed
    Why: Didn't run Monday or Tuesday, mainly due to time constraints.
    last hard: Sunday Windsor
    Last easy:yesterday
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Snicks I have 2 running watches, both are excellent for giving splits. One is the Timex Ironman triathlon watch-in Argos for about £25 the other is a Timex Rush ladies about £15. They are very good for doing splits and counting down for short fast sessions. Yes I do believe I recommend the use of a good watch!
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Oh if you get one try to buy one that stores more than 8 laps. Mine is 50 lap, so I can store splits for the whole of a marathon.
  • You don't just need the watch though do you, but accurately measured routes on a mile by mile basis. Must do this sometime.

    Had a brilliant run tonight, 5 miles in the teatime drizzle that turned to rain. I'd only planned recovery type pace but for some reason running felt really effortless and relaxed.
    Hilly, like you I almost wished the GNR had been tonight. Hope I feel as great on Sunday, I've decided to stop sheeping about and go for a 1.45. I'm not bothered about the distance which I know I can do, but pace is as usual the issue!
  • All I've got is a Polar Accurex HRM that's nearly 8 years old now (serviced twice I think) - this can record up to 44 splits. Also - a set of routes whose length and location of "mile markers" I'm confident of to within 10m.
  • Excellent - thanks for the watch tips! Venom, you were ripped off! (he's got a satellite connection)... good luck for the GNR. Laura, you'll easily get 1:45.
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